Oh No! Shopping! Gift Ideas for your entire list of card playing friends and family

Oh No! Shopping! Gift Ideas for your entire list of card playing friends and family

by Katie Coopersmith © Gifts for Card Players 2017

You know the feeling all too well. It’s early evening, and the last of the winter daylight has long since faded away. Perhaps a light snow is falling…and your heart is sinking, too. You’ve forgotten to do your holiday shopping, and the big day is tomorrow!

Is there a dread more immediate than this one?

Don’t worry, well-meaning individual – this year, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of our absolute favourite card-themed gift ideas for this holiday season, tailored carefully to each of your family members!

For The Hipster: Bridge for One

This vintage 1930s deck is sure to warm the cockles of even the Scrooge-iest hipster’s heart! They’ll love the pop-up game style, as well as the included instructions which guide the reader through three different ways to play bridge: “as a contest with any number participating,” “as a solitaire to test your own ability,” and “as a solitaire for educational purposes”. Your family member doesn’t even need to be a bridge player already in order to fall in love with this kitschy gift.

For The Outdoorsperson: Kling Magnetic Playing Cards – Complete Game Set

If your family member is the type who’s always adventuring in Mother Nature but also can’t be without a deck of cards for too long before their eyes start to twitch, get them this incredible, weather-resistant playing card set! They’ll be able to play on top of a mountain or on the side of a cliff without worrying about their cards blowing away. Now, that’s true freedom!

For The Cleanest Culinary Genius: Gourmet Game Night: Bite-Sized, Mess-Free Eating for Board-Game Parties, Bridge Clubs, Poker Nights, Book Groups, and More

Does your mom or dad get slightly uncomfortable when you eat while playing cards? Maybe your sister’s biggest pet peeve is when people grab the communal game spinner with hands still sticky from the fried chicken they ate at dinner. And who could blame them? Food is messy, and yet it’s also oh-so-necessary for any card or board game party that’s going to last for any significant amount of time. This cookbook is packed full of certified ‘mess-free’ recipes guaranteed to satisfy hungry players while keeping the card table free of stickiness and smudges. It’s a win-win…well, except when somebody inevitably loses at cards.

For The Sore Loser (or Winner): The Back Thing

Ah, back pain. It’s an ailment that can range from mildly unpleasant to downright excruciating, and it’s estimated to affect up to 23% of the general population. The kicker? Sitting makes it worse. But for the dedicated card player who has to sit because they have to play…we absolutely understand, and we’ve got the perfect holiday gift! The aptly-named Back Thing was designed by a neurosurgeon, and it provides a cushy level of back support while also improving the user’s posture and comfort. Who knows, the resulting pain relief could even lead to an improved bridge game – or at least a friendly holiday mood!

For the Bridge Nerd: Bridge Quiz Challenge

This flash-card style game is an ideal gift for any bridge players at the beginner, novice, or social playing levels. It allows players to test and improve upon their knowledge of basic bridge concepts, and can also be used to impress one’s family members at Christmas dinner. This game would also make an excellent stocking stuffer for that family member you’ve been trying to introduce to bridge!


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