Obscure TCG’s that Rock

Obscure TCGs That Rock - Gifts for Card Players
Trading card games (also called TCG's for short) have soared in popularity since the release of the official first TCG Magic: The Gathering way back in 1993. Hundeds of TCG's have hit the market since then - some just plan weird, most of them a lot of fun. We took a look at some awesome TCG's and created this list, just for you!

Crowdfunded Cards

Cards by Crowdfund - Gifts for Card Players
Many game creators have finally been given the chance to showcase their innovative designs to the world through crowdfunding. Here's some of the coolest and most successful card game campaigns we found on Kickstarter.

Trading Card Game Starter Kits

Trading Card Game Starter Kits - Gifts for Card Players
A hardcore obsession with trading card games has to start somewhere, and for most people this starting point is called the starter deck. Need one? Here's a few places to start your search.

The 4 Steps to Hosting a Poker Game Like Gatsby

To throw a party Gatsby-style, forget about the beer and chips.
If you are planning to throw the poker party of your life, and you’d like to do it in style, here are some things to consider. This article only covers the basics, so the sky is the limit to how you are going to organize your Gatsby-esque event. Let’s dive in!

Remember when you played bridge for fun?

Party Bridge - Gifts for Card Players

Remember when you played bridge for fun?

Time for some party bridge!

By Alex J. Coyne © Gifts for Card Players

The game of bridge has always been a social one, and the same is true for most card games. If you’ve ever attended a bridge party at a house or club and loved it, why not consider calling up some of the other bridge players in your neighborhood and arranging your own?


Eating Card Games: When College Drinking Grows Up

For your next holiday party, or just any excuse for a party on a random Friday night, here are some card inspired eating games with recommended dishes that are most satisfying.

Playing Sevens for Cheap Prizes on Christmas is Better Than Watching TV

Family playing cards at Christmas
The pile of prizes we had were bought from a pound store and were things like lip balm and ballpoint pens. They were wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper. This created an extraordinary effect. I imagined that they were much more than they were, despite being told that nothing cost more than a pound.