Dressing the Part: Cosplay Accessories for Gamers

Dressing the Part: Cosplay Accessories for Gamers

By Alex J. Coyne

The first time that I laid eyes on an episode of Yu-Gi-Oh!, I was blown away by how the characters were dressed. From there, I developed an obsession with the trench-coat and the TCG characters who wear them for years after.

Typically autumn is the season for cosplay – if you’re preparing for an event or just want to feel fancier for a home tabletop game, dress the part!

Here’s a selection of excellent accessories for MTG, Pokémon, and Yu-Gi-Oh! that you should own to look the part.

Magic The Gathering

Fridge Buttons for MTG

If you’d like to adorn your fridge (or anything made of metal, really) with appropriate icons from MTG, start with these appropriate magnets.

MTG Urza Dragon T-Shirt

Here’s a unique t-shirt that features a huge, massive dragon from the MTG series… What’s better than this?

Mana Pajamas

Oh, there’s this. Here’s a set of Mana Pajamas – and according to their Amazon description, this is really what they’re called. Perfect for home games, or lazier trips to the store.

MTG Stickers

Stickers never went out of fashion. If you’d like to place stickers with an appropriate TCG theme on absolutely everything you own, buy a few sets of these.

This Is How I Roll: Shirt

Here’s another appropriate shirt for TCG and tabletop players. Show other players how you roll with this great t-shirt.

12 Pocket Binder

If you’re any kind of collector, you will reach a point where you prefer to keep some of your cards in a binder for storage or travelling. Here’s a binder with a perfect look for impressing other MTG players while you’re on the move.


The Trainer Hat

Are you on a mission to Catch ‘Em All? Start with this embroidered, themed trainer hat with appropriate logo.

Belt Clip (With Figurines)

Here’s a perfect belt-clip that comes with attached figurines – just in case you would like everyone to know just how much of a Pokémon fan you are.

Plush Pokéball

Would you like a softer plush Pokéball to throw after your pets? Well, here’s a selection of themed Pokéballs available in several.

Pokémon Charging Station

If there are any important devices that need charging, here’s a thematic approach: this several-in-one charging point looks just like the classic Pokéball (and presumably, contains Pikachu to keep your devices fully electrified).

Nintendo Switch Controller

Nintendo Switch players and Pokémon fans will love this themed controller. Take control of your gaming world with a Pokéball attachment – and yes, it can be used for other devices with the right adapters.

UltraPro Card Binder

If you’re a regular TCG player, it’s a good idea to keep your cards in the safest place possible for home and travel. Here’s an UltraPro card binder that looks just like the standard Pokéball… Collecting more? Of course.

Themed Thumb Grips

If you use a joystick for your gaming controls and you find it lacking that Pokémon-vibe, replace your thumb grips with these. A perfect item for the traditional gamer who likes the occasional gear modification, however small.


Milennium Puzzle Necklace


The single item all Yu-Gi-Oh! fans will want immediately: get your hands on a Milennium Puzzle necklace and you’ll be the envy of everyone else.

The Classic Card Accessory Necklace


If the golden flash of the Milennium Puzzle isn’t to your liking, try this hanging card accessory necklace instead.

The Full Costume


There’s plenty available online for players who prefer to buy most of their costume as a complete kit. For staying close to the Yu-Gi-Oh! Universe, start over here, or search for the specific character-true costume you need.

Deck Box Replica

While the character might be more familiar to fans of the Japanese version of the series, the concept of a deck box is universal for TCG players. Keep your cards closer (and safer) during play with a durable deck box.

The Mattel Duel Disk

Want to keep your cards in one place during play, and look the part while doing it? Here’s one version of the duel disk, released by Mattel and made to hold a hand closeby.

Photo by Muhammad Faiz Zulkeflee on Unsplash

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