Gifting your Kings and Queens this Holiday Season

Gifting your Kings and Queens this Holiday Season

By Alex J. Coyne © Great Bridge Links 2021

When it’s that time of year and you aren’t sure what to get the special card players in your life, you’ll find some of the best card player gift suggestions right here. Card players don’t just appreciate card decks, but might also love a PokerStars USB, a multicard case, or an Ace of Spades Zippo.

Here’s a look at the best gifts for card players to end 2021.

Sandstone Creations Designer Ceramic Coffee Mug

Do you know a card player who can’t get by without their morning, afternoon, mid-afternoon, and evening coffee? The Sandstone Creations mug is a fun way to bring playing cards into every day. 

The mug features an appropriate classic King of Diamonds on the front. 

King Damond album optional!

Poker Stars USB Flash Drive

PokerStars has been around since 2001, and is today one of the biggest brand names in poker. Every serious poker player keeps their finger on the PokerStars pulse, and even a few bridge players are fans. 

The PokerStars USB features the famous PokerStars logo, with more than enough storage space for everything a card player could ever want to backup or save. 

Pip Box Club

Subscription boxes are big business right now.  The idea behind a subscription box is a regular container with cool stuff, usually with a singular theme. Subscription boxes have taken off, and nowadays there are services for everything from weekly cheese to craft beer. now offers their own subscription box for card nuts! The Pip Box Club gives you access to high-quality playing card decks: they choose the best, and you get to enjoy their regular selection through the mail. All the decks are new and arrive sealed and in mint condition.

It’s one of the best gifts for card-playing friends – or yourself!

MTG Gift Card

Magic: The Gathering is one of the world’s most popular trading card games. Online, it’s a paid service where duels and tournaments can be played for rewards. 

Gift cards are always the perfect gift choice for anyone you already know plays the game. If not, it makes an excellent reason for them to start!

MTG gift cards can be purchased directly through the MTGProShop. Recommended, to guarantee that you get an authentic, verified game voucher.

Bicycle: The Official Rules of Card Games

Card players care about two, maybe three things at the holidays: their game, their drink, and the occasional fight about the rules. If you would like to end fights about card rules early at the next gathering or game, get this Bicycle Rulebook – one of the best official resources for more than 100 varieties of bridge, poker, hearts and the rest. Who best to refer to than the world’s most famous card deck manufacturers!

Zippo Ace

The Zippo lighter is as iconic as the Harley Davidson motorcycle – though Hunter S. Thompson preferred the Triumph. A Zippo lighter is always useful in an emergency (yes, even if you don’t smoke!), and this Ace-themed Zippo truly is one of the perfect gifts for any card player.

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as the click of a real Zippo, except perhaps the shuffle of a Bicycle deck!

Wooden Playing Card Boxes

Every card player needs a sturdy place to store their cards. The Wooden Playing Card Box is handmade from durable materials, guaranteed to protect your favourite in-use card deck from dust and dirt.

Plus, it just looks cool!

You can find a lot more playing card boxes and cases on our Playing Cards Accessories Page here 

Quiver Card Carrying Case

For serious card collectors, the Quiver Carrying Case holds an entire library’s worth of cards – more than 1, 500. Dividers help players to separate their collections by-deck or game they’re working with.

You’ll almost always know a card player who needs one!

Magic: The Gathering 2021 Arena Starter Kit

Online MTG play is covered with voucher purchases, but what about real-life, face-to-face card playing? For this, starter decks are the ideal gift – and start your deck collection from the ground up with the best cards for your chosen focus. 

Here’s the Magic: The Gathering 2021 Arena Starter Kit that contains everything you’ll need to get started as a more serious TCG player. 

Google Play Gift Cards

Google powers a lot of online services, including a wide library of card-related books and games that can be downloaded through the Play Store. 

A Google Play Gift Card can get someone started on a whole new journey of stuff to discover, watch, search, read or play.

Different gift cards can be loaded directly through the Play gift card.

An Automatic Card Shuffler

Do you know a great player who has excellent strategy, but a terrible shuffle? Switch them over to electronic shuffling, just like you’ll see dealers use in high-level games. 

An automatic card shuffle machine cuts out a lot of the effort of shuffling the deck, if you’ll pardon the pun.

Make Playing Cards: Coupons

Make Playing Cards is a special print-on-demand service that deals in cards. Upload your images and create custom decks through the site – it’s one of the best gifts out there. But what if you already know someone with designs for their deck? Well, buy them a coupon and send them to this site!

Amazon Gift Cards

Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer, and the place where you can find almost anything from a single onion through the mail (no kidding!) to a set of playing cards featuring any actor’s face you can imagine.

If you really aren’t sure what to buy someone, gift cards are always an excellent choice!

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