Want to design your own board game?

Want to design your own board game?

Find the Best Tabletop, Board Game, & Playing Card Design Courses

By Alex J. Coyne © Great Bridge Links

There are people who enjoy playing card and tabletop games, and then there are people who would like to know more about creating or programming their own. Perhaps you’ve got a great idea but just are not sure how to get started.

Or maybe you have an interest in board game design, game theory, or creating your own TCG and traditional card games?

The internet is an almost never-ending resource for students with something new to learn. If you want to know more about game creation, there’s a lot to do, including programming courses for cards through to mastering basic board game design.

Here’s where you can find the best tabletop, game design, & playing card courses.

Board Game Design 101

From SkillShare


Board Game Design 101 is an introduction to the board game, how different board games are laid out, and how these games work strategically. At the end of the course, you can expect to understand the basics of board game design better – even if you had no foundation in game creation before taking the course.


Design Better Cards for Your Game Prototype (Using Canva)

From SkillShare


Traditional cards and TCG titles are all about strategy, but game design also means thinking about the physical design aspects of what you’d like the cards to look like. Here’s a SkillShare course that offers an introduction to Canva design software and its relation to creating playing and trading card prototypes.

Coding Card Games in Java

From IDTech


If you’re a card player who codes, this course from IDTech can show you the basics of creating card games and algorithms using Java. New to programming languages? This particular course is a great, basic introduction even if you’re a complete coding n00b.


Coding the TCG Battle System with Unity 3D

From Udemy


From Udemy, here’s another course about programming and cards: Using the Unity 3D system, this course walks users through how to create a traditional TCG battle system from start to finish. Battle systems, sometimes driven by points or character aspects, are common to many trading card games. For any design newcomers, it’s an essential topic.

Demystifying Board Game Design

From ClassCentral


Demystifying Board Game Design is from ClassCentral. The course is detailed though simple, and assumes that the learner is completely new to the idea of designing games. A huge deal of the game design essentials are covered here.

Master Board Game Design

From Udemy


Master Board Game Design is a Udemy course that will walk you through the most basic bits of how to create a board game. Concepts like strategic theory are covered too, as well as how to put together your ideas through a tabletop format.

An Introduction to Game Theory

From Open Yale


An Introduction to Game Theory is less about the visual aspects of game design, and more about teaching in-game logic, calculation, and rules. All tabletop games you want to design would have to make sense, right? Concepts covered in this course includes “dominance, backward induction, Nash equilibrium, [and] evolutionary stability.”

An Introduction to Game Theory

From Stanford


Here’s another Introduction to Game Theory for interested designers. According to the description, basics like “game trees and Bayesian games” are just some of the strategic concepts this course will go over.

Can you recommend any courses, lessons, or videos that cover tabletop, card, and game design?

Photo by Hannah Rodrigo on Unsplash

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