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Gifts for Card Players is a curated shopping page designed to help you find links to stationery, card accessories, card novelties and gifts, card supplies, party supplies, and card motif wearables.As well we have a Cards & Games Magazine which publishes interesting stories and game reviews.

Owned and Operated by Goodwin Studios
Jude Goodwin (she/her)
Vancouver, BC, Canada

We have 4 viable online publications. To see all our offerings visit Goodwin Studios.


Gifts for Card Players is a shopping portal page which was originally a part of the Great Bridge Links bridge portal. It has been online 9 years!

Starting with the holiday season in 2006, the web page is now a stand-alone destination for shoppers looking for items related to cards, bridge, and giftware. Cross links are in place in order to maintain the great standing on google and other search engines.

The site acts as a shopping portal. We have surfed the web looking for interesting, unique, and useful gift items. We put their pictures and links to the merchant site on these pages. We do not sell the products. We simply link to them. If more than one merchant carries a certain product, we give preference to advertisers and sponsors.

We also have an online magazine section where we feature articles about games and game-related products.

Jude Goodwin, author of the bridge cartoon book Go Ahead, Laugh, has been involved with bridge websites since 1995. She is currently webmaster  of Great Bridge Links, Sea to Sky Review, Vince Oddy Bridge Books, Michael S Lawrence, and many more.

Jude lives in BC, Canada. She is co-owner of the company Goodwin Creative Ltd with partner (and daughter) Sky Goodwin.

Goodwin Creative Limited owners Jude Goodwin and Sky GoodwinGifts for Card Players is maintained by the mother-daughter partnership Jude Goodwin and Sky Goodwin. Some of you might know Jude as the author of Teach Me To Play and the cartoonist behind the Table Talk cartoons or as the owner and manager of the internet’s popular Great Bridge Links. Jude’s company – Goodwin Studios – has developed both Great Bridge Links and Gifts & Supplies for Card Players, both popular bridge portals.

Product Links are Free! If you’d like to submit a link to your favourite card-related product, please use the form at the bottom of every page. Or send it to Jude Goodwin