Card Motif Clothing & Wearables

Card Wearables – Everyone loves them! On this page you’ll find playing card and poker motif shirts, T-shirts,  totes, ties, socks, stockings, shoes, purses, bags, belts, suspenders, scarves, visors, dog shirts and more. Enjoy!


Play Safe

Bridge Theme Cough Catcher

Bridge Theme Cough Catcher

Card Theme Cloth Face Coverings

Card theme neck gaiter mask

Fabric neck gaiter serves as a lightweight, breathable, comfortable mask for your protection.

card suits face mask

Contour cloth face mask

card and chips face mask

Beautiful Silk Scarf

Card Suit Silk Scarf - Gifts for Card Players

Black chiffon scarf
White silk scarf with suit symbols
White silk scarf with suit symbols
Cool play cooling tie with cards
Cool play cooling tie with cards

Baby Yourself

baby onesy

Top it off

Card Symbol Visor

Knit Hat Touque wiith Card Design

Playing cards queen winter photo print beanie hat cap gamble poker

Show it off

Card Suit Motif Symbols youth Tshirt

Baby Doll T with card suits all over

Womens T Shirt

Dress Shirt wtih Card symbols

Mens T Shirt

Bottoms Up!


Mens boxer shorts, card motif


SLHFPX Womens Compression Shorts Casino Playing Card Tummy Control Yoga Athletic Workout Short

Beautiful Feet

For your daughter

Card motif suits shoes for little girl

And you!

Beautiful Queen Shoe, Platform Heels


Bridge Suit Symbol Shoelaces

Holiday Themed

Card theme Santa hat

CArd Theme Santa Hat

It’s in the bag


Double Pocket Zippered Tote Bag wtih Card Suit Motif

Ace of Spades Tote Bag - Gifts for Card Players

THE TOTE BUNDLE includes a double deck of playing cards, a Four Queens Pen, I Love Bridge Pen and an EZ scorer.

Bridge Supplies Case - Gifts for Card Players


Cosmetic Bags

cosmetic case with playing card motif

cosmetic case with playing card motif

Button ’em Up

Customize any jacket –

Playing Cards Cuff Links - Gifts for Card Players

Hold ’em Up


Suspenders with car suits on them

The Belt

Canvas belt with card suits

Cosy Toesies

Playing Cards Hearts Diamonds Spades Clubs Trump Motif Print Leggings

Socks with Bridge Card Suits Motif
Comes in blue, pink, yellow and grey


Grey Suits socks

Card Suit Symbol Opaque leggings


Flip Flops

Mens card theme slip on shoe

Slip ons

Card theme slip on shoe



buttons, sewing

buttons, sewing

Reading Glasses

Michaella Barri Readers with card symbol design.
Michaella Barri Readers with card symbol design.

For the fashionista!

Cards with a clothing theme for your fashionista card player
Cards with a clothing theme

Dog Shirts

Fido says Ruff! He needs to dress up for the games night too!

Dog TShirt

Iron Ons

patches, sewing

patches, sewing

Many patches from 7NT

The Rack

What could be easier than a tie?