Drinks & Food

Often the best of the party is happening in the kitchen!  Dishes, mugs, glasses, plates, bowls and serving utensils can be found on this page. Things to drink from. Things to help prepare drinks. Things to put food on. Things to eat food with.


Barclay King and Queen Rocks Glasses- Set of 2

Four hand etched glass tumblers

Beautiful hand etched glasses with card suit symbols

Jugs and tumblers with card motif

wine glass with card motif

Card suit motif champagne glasses


Bistro Mug - Gifts for Card Players

North South East West! Porcelain Mugs – Set of 4

North South East West! Porcelain Mugs – Set of 4

Card Motif Coffee Mug

Bone China Mugs

Bone china mugs with card motif club heart diamond spade

Bone china mug with gold card suit design

Bone china mug with gold card suit design

Other suit motif mugs

Boxed coffee mug with playing card suit motif

King of Hearts Coffee Mug

Suit Motif Mugs

Mug I Love Bridge


Card suit clubs coffee mug

Wine Glasses

Wine Glasses - Gifts for Card Players

It’s the little things

Look at this beautiful Bopla cup and saucer from Switzerland

Beautiful Bopla Plate and Mug

Beautiful Bopla Plate and Mug



King Queen Salt and Pepper


Open a Bottle

Whiskey Stones

Whistkey Stones with card suit motif bridge poker

Open a bottle

Aces of Spades Bottle OpenerAmazon

Or stick some olives

Drink Stirrers with Card Suit Motif

Add some Charms

Wine Charms / Beer Bottle Marker - Cards Poker Night - Set of 4 - Red White Black Glass Beads Hearts Diamond Spades Clover Suit Charms

Add ice!

Card Suit Ice Cube Tray

Ice cube tray suit symbols heart clubs spades diamonds

And a bucket to put the cubes in!

Baron Barclay Ice Bucket

Ice Bucket with playing cards poker

Ice Bucket Card Motif - Gifts for Card Players


Mad Hatter Flatware sets

Card Party Flatware sets with napkins and napkin rings




Suited Snack Dishes


Card Suite Snack Dishes - Gifts for Card Players

And Party Picks for those snacks

Plastic Card Motif suits cocktail pics

Cocktail Picks - Gifts for Card Players


Ceramic Plates with 4 Aces and Card Suit design