Dishes & Kitchen Items

Card Motif mugs, coasters, dishes, bowls, plates, trays, tea cups, tea pots, salt and pepper shaker, snack dish, dog dish, flatware. Anything you might find in the kitchen with a playing card theme.


King of hearts and queen of hearts enamel mugs

King of Hearts and Queen of Hearts Enamel Mugs

Card Motif Coffee Mug

Bone China Mugs

Bone china mugs with card motif club heart diamond spade

Bone china mug with gold card suit design

Bone china mug with gold card suit design

Other suit motif mugs

Boxed coffee mug with playing card suit motif

King of Hearts Coffee Mug

Suit Motif Mugs

Mug I Love Bridge


pottery mugs

Card suit clubs coffee mug


Protect that lovely card table with bridge coasters!

Cork Backed Coasters in 4 Colours

Wooden Coaster Set - Gifts for Card Players

Wooden coasters with playing card suit motif design

Card Suit Coasters

Coasters with card suits

Round Cork Backed Coasters with Aces card suits

Coasters from Richmond Bridge

German Queen Coaster

Set of 4 coasters with caddy King and Queen of Hearts Clubs Spades Diamonds card suit motif

Vintabe Card Motif Ace of Spaces Coaster

Tumbled Stone Coaster Set Heart Space Club Diamond


King Queen Salt and Pepper


Plastic Card Motif suits cocktail pics


Impress your dinner guests!

Tea spoons

Tea Spoons with playing card suits

Mad Hatter Flatware sets

Card Party Flatware sets with napkins and napkin rings








snack dish


Suited Snack Dishes


Ceramic Plates with 4 Aces and Card Suit design