Playing Cards

The amazing little stack of pasteboard pictures has fascinated humans since its invention during the Tang Dynasty in the 9th century. On this page you’ll find some very nice decks, links to card shops, and some articles we’ve written over the years. Enjoy!

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Official Source of ACBL Playing cards and much more can be found at Baron Barclay Bridge Supplies

Card Sets - Gifts for Card Players

Starry Night Box Set - Gifts for Card Players

Gift Boxes and more!



Beautiful cards from Richmond Bridge

So many beautiful boxed gift sets – click on the image for more

Beautiful boxed sets

Garden Decoupage large print Bridge set - Gifts for Card Players

Albemarle Hall Bridge Cards - Gifts for Card Players

Le Jardin de Mysore Bridge Cards - Gifts for Card Players

Luxury Gilt-edged Playing Cards

Gilt-edged playing cards from Richmond Bridge


Beautiful card sets from Simon Lucas

Simon Lucas Card Sets - Gifts for Card Players


Bridge in the Box offers some lovely cards

Playing Card Sets from Bridge in the Box

Playing Card Sets from Bridge in the Box

Fuchsia Sleeved Card Box - Gifts for Card Players

Art Cards on Etsy

Halloween Cards - Gifts for Card Players

Etsy is great for vintage collectables, art cards and more!

Chimney Sweep Cards, circa 1950

Chimney Sweep Playing cards - Gifts for Card Players


Many shops feature beautiful decorative cards and gift sets including:

Baron Barclay (USA)

Richmond Bridge (UK)

Simon Lucas (UK)

Newt’s Games and Cards

London Bridge Centre Historical and vintage cards

Canadian Bridge Supplies Playing Cards and Bridge Sets including beautiful Theory11 Playing Cards

Theory 11


Oath Playing Cards

Kings Wild Project


Something fun

Did you know you can tell a fortune with a regular deck of playing cards?


Read the history and stories behind playing cards in our Playing Cards Blog.


Rare Decks – We’re collecting! Read about some of the most prized and rare decks in the world in our new series.

Kings Wild Project – some stunning cards from designer Jackson Robinson.

World of Playing Cards – delve into the rich heritage and history of playing cards, and the many ways in which they bring people together.

KARDIFY – the leading online destination for playing cards news, reviews, and cardistry culture. Enjoy the best editorial content daily.

Penguin Magic – the tricks the supplies and cards too!

52plus Joker – For collectors! Originally formed to cater to the interests of collectors of American antique playing card decks, 52 Plus Joker has long since broadened the scope of the club to include the collecting of playing cards and related items of all sorts, and from around the world! – this is the go-to websites for all card games rules. Remember that game you used to play with your second cousin in the old Bowler Trailer on those summer campouts? What was it again? Well, now you’ll be able to find it and many more!


Animals World Playing Cards, Comic Art Deck, Poker 54 Playing Cards, Plastic Cards, A Perfect Gift

Animal World Playing Cards (Poker Size) and other amazing decks on Etsy  – beautiful

Roasters Coffee Shop Playing Cards

Roasters Coffee Shop We love this new deck just posted on Penguin Magic (click to view enlargement). Limited to 2,500 decks, Roasters Coffee Shop is a small batch deck that’s 100% customized. Available singly or in 6-packs with custom half brick boxes, Roasters are printed by the United States Playing Card Company (free shippi  Visit Penguin Magic to view and purchase →

Ellusionist Killer Bees Playing Card Deck

Killer Bees Playing Cards Deck by Ellusionist is specifically designed with card players, magicians and card enthusiasts in mind. Purchase on Amazon here →

The Ellusionist

Home of the World’s Finest Magic Tricks, Tutorials and Playing Cards. This is one of our favourite sites and well worth a visit.

Click here to visit their site →

The Ellusionist Playing Cards


These are beautiful decks of cards – Theory 11 launched in 2007 with a team of 11 artists united with one purpose: Advance, Inispire, Create Wonder.  Since that moment, theory11 has propelled forward to become the largest community of magic creators, with over 1,500 registered artists and hundreds of thousands of members around the world. Visit their beautiful website here →

Here is a set of Mandalorian cards from Theory11 – such beautiful artwork! Be sure to visit the website to see more

Mandalorian Playing Cards - Theory11

Mandalorian Playing Cards - Theory11


Caricature Cards from Politi Cards Caricature Playing Cards Gifts for Card Players

Black cards for the collector

Solar Matrix Black Playing Cards - Gifts for Card Players

Prism Night Playing Cards - Gifts for Card Players


Pop culture cards


Star Wars Playing Cards - Gifts of Card Players

Princess Bride Playing Cards - Gifts for Card Players

Batman Playing Cards Pop Culture Playing Cards Gifts for Card Players

Game of Thrones Playing Cards - Gifts for Card Players

Bicycle Retro Tin Gift Set


Many of you have asked if we know of a good service. Here’s one we found recently that looks perfect!  Shuffled Ink Custom Playing Cards – and there’s a fun playing cards blog too!

These beautiful cards from Richmond Bridge are just what you’re looking for!

Richmond Bridge Personalized Playing Cards

More custom cards!

Custom Playing Cards - Gifts for Card Players