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The amazing little stack of pasteboard pictures has fascinated humans since its invention during the Tang Dynasty in the 9th century. On this page you’ll find some very nice decks, links to card shops, and some articles we’ve written over the years. Enjoy!

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ACBL Playing Cards from Baron Barclay Bridge Supplies

Official Source Baron Barclay Bridge Supplies


Richmond Bridge

Beautiful cards from Richmond Bridge

Edwardian Garden Bridge Playing Card set from Richmond Bridge

Decoupage Garden Bridge Set from Richmond Bridge

Audubon Birds large print Bridge Set from Richmond Bridge

Audubon Birds large print Bridge Set from Richmond Bridge

Luxury Gilt-edged Playing Cards from Richmond Bridge

Gilt-edged playing cards from Richmond Bridge

We’ve often been asked if there’s a good place where one could obtain personalized playing cards. Perhaps these beautiful cards from Richmond Bridge are just what you’re looking for!

Richmond Bridge Personalized Playing Cards

Simon Lucas

Beautiful card sets from Simon Lucas

Boxed Card Sets Simon Lucas Bridge Supplies

Play Cards and More

Springbok Bridge Gift Sets have everything you need, including two decks of top quality Bridge cards, with matching tallies and a large score pad.

From Playing Cards and More

Springbok Bridge Gift Sets


A variety of playing cards can be found on Playing Cards and More including Gem Collection, Congress, Sunsout Cards, Bicycle Cartamundi plastic cards.


The Bridge Source

Bridge Cards can be found at The Bridge Source, offering a variety of top quality playing cards designed specicfically for bridge.

The bridge source playing cards macaroons







Bridge in the Box offers some lovely cards

Playing Card Sets from Bridge in the Box

Playing Card Sets from Bridge in the Box

Fuchsia Sleeved Card Box - Gifts for Card Players



I love these ‘vintage’ cards and other lovely offerings from Ellusionist

Beautiful playing cards from Ellusionist

Other Unique Cards

Black cards for the collector

Black playing cards

Black Themed Playing Cards - Gifts for Card Players


Steam Punk Cards

Steam Punk Cards as displayed on Gifts & Supplies for Card Players

Green cards. Eco-friendly and recyclable!

Green cards

Here’s another unique set from Bicycle


And if you like luxury, check out these gold playing cards

Large Print Playing Cards and Bridge Sets

Large Print Bridge Sets from Richmond Bridge

Simon Drew’s Preposterous Playing Cards & Peculiar Playing Cards

Peculiar Playing Cards

Arrr Be Darr Matey Pirate Playing Cards – cheap enough to buy a bunch!

Pirate Playing Cards on Gifts for Card Players

Have friends who find the writing too small on their playing cards? Try these low vision playing cards

Low vision trading cards for visually impaired players Low vision trading cards for visually impaired players



Many of you have asked if we know of a good service. Here’s one we found recently that looks perfect!  Shuffled Ink Custom Playing Cards – and there’s a fun playing cards blog too!


Magic Kits - Gifts for Card Players
Exploring Magic Kits
Many professional magicians consider magic kits corny, but they can still remember their first one! If you buy the right kit, it can be a great ... Read More
Learn How to Shuffle a Deck, It Can Give You the Upper Hand - Great Bridge Links
Learn How to Shuffle a Deck, It Can Give You the Upper Hand
Style and skill go hand in when playing any card game. Looking like you know what you’re doing is part and parcel of every card ... Read More
Reproduction Vintage and Classic Playing Cards
The Best of Reproduction Decks
Love playing cards? Looking for gifts? Here's a list of some unique options for your favourite card collector! ... Read More
Ellusionist and other Trick Card Resources - Gifts for Card Players
Trick Card Decks & Where to Find Them
Over the years, I’ve developed a deep-rooted fine love for card and coin tricks; those are two things I’m almost never without – when killing ... Read More
Vintage Playing Cards - Gifts for Card Players
Looking at Antique and Vintage Card Decks
Guitarists call the phenomenon GAS, short for Gear Acquisition Syndrome: One can never have too many guitars – or in our case, card decks. When ... Read More
Valentine Crafts with Playing Cards
6 Fun and Simple Valentines Day Crafts to Make With a Deck of Cards
If you’re the type who loves Love and loves crafts, this list is perfect for you. Grab yourself a few decks of red-backed playing cards ... Read More
How to clean your dirty playing cards
How can I clean my playing cards?
Are your cards sticky with snack grease and finger oils? Restore them to usefulness with these card cleaning tips ... Read More
Rare, Beautiful Playing Cards You Won't Have Seen Elsewhere
Rare, Beautiful Playing Cards You Won’t Have Seen Elsewhere
In addition to the standard “bicycle” deck of playing cards, many contemporary and historical artists have designed incredible decks with amazing visuals - here’s just ... Read More
Cards for Soldiers - Gifts for Card Players
Cards for Soldiers
Card decks can be utilized for far more than just a card game. The US Military has had several limited-run card decks printed for issue ... Read More
Broken Heart Playing Cards - Gifts for Card Players
Creepy Playing Card Deaths
Did you know card games occasionally land people in the morgue! Don't believe us? In the spirit of the season, here's a few creepy examples ... Read More

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Many shops feature beautiful decorative cards and gift sets including:

Baron Barclay (USA)

Richmond Bridge (UK)

Simon Lucas (UK)

Playing Cards & More (USA)

The Bridge Source (USA)

The House of Cards

Newt’s Games and Cards

London Bridge Centre Historical and vintage cards

Canadian Bridge Supplies Playing Cards and Bridge Sets

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