Comfort for Card Players

A little chocolate, cozy pillow and teddy, and warm candlelight – comfort your favourite card lover with one of these unique gifts.



Gourmet Games Night - bite sized snacks for your next card party


Candy decorations for the top of it

Candy Decorations for the top of cakes, card suit motif

Fondant Cake Cupcake Topper Decor

Four Aces Fondant Cake Topper

And here are shapers for candy or cake or even chocolate or candles

Four of a kind silicone candy mold for sugar craft icing cake decorating chocolate soap candle

Make Cupcakes!

Wrappers and cupcake picks

Cupcake Wrappers with Suit Symbols

I love these – you could set them up to illustrate that winning hand!

Mini playing card cupcake toppers


Read our blog post here: A Sweet Jackpot – Candy for your card table

Candies & Snacks for your card party

Can’t find suit symbol candy? Pack any kind of candy in these suit symbol treat bags!

Suit Symbol Treat Bags

Or you can serve popcorn in these card design popcorn boxes! But be sure it’s not sticky or buttery popcorn or you’re going to need to clean your cards after the party.

popcorn box suit symbols poker casino card party




Light a candle

 Decorative Tealight with card motif

Cozy Pillows and Blankets

Fleece blanket card suits poker casino bridge

Four Aces Fondant Cake Topper


king of spades pillow card motif suits poker casino bridge

Lots of card themed throw pillows on Cafe Press.

bridge throw pillow when you can smell 3NT bit 3NT

throw pillow that reads asking me to play bridge is like asking me if I want money

Updated December 2022