Poker (and other games) Accessories

Card shufflers, card dealers, poker chips, poker tables and more for poker fans around the world.

Look your best!

We love these women’s crew sweaters by RunGoodGear don’t you? Women's Crew Sweaters RunGoodGear - Gifts for Card Players

Bow Tie wtih casino card playing motif

Casino Mens Vest with Card Motif

Poker themed cowboy boots as displayed on Gifts and Supplies for Card Players


Some beautiful pieces can be found on NoMercyMaking’s shopping site

NoMercyMaking Jewellry - Gifts for Card Players

Poker Bracelets from Playing Cards and More

Poker Chip Beads – great as party favours

Beaded Poker Chip Necklace


Mouse Pads

Poker Pro Mouse Pad – all the information you need to make decisions like the pros

 – Poker Pro Mouse Pad

Timer and Dealer Button!

Poker Dealer Timer Poker Dealer Button with Built In Digital Timer

Poker Card Guards

Use these brass Card Guards for luck! All signs of the Chinese Zodiac available

Poker Card Guards


Poker Sunglasses

Blue Shark Optics Poker Sunglasses. Proprietary and exclusive special lenses effectively hide your eyes and allow up to 99% Light Penetration.

Rubber Coasters

Poker Furniture

Look at this amazing poker table-cover – with carrying case!

Poker table cover

Style your Poker Area with Comforts while you play!

Beverage and Dinner Table

Poker Tables &Table Tops

Poker Table

Table Top

Poker Table Hoodies! For square or round tables

Poker Table Hoodie

There’s no game without cards

Modiano in 6 colours

Modiano Poker Cards in 6 colours

Ace 100% plastic cards

Ace 100% Plastic Cards great for Poker

Maybe set up an at-home casino!

Casino Night at Home - Gifts for Card players

Card Shufflers & Discard Holders

Card Shuffler

Card Discard Holder

Poker Chips & Chip Sets

Nothing adds a sense of professionalism to your home game more than a high quality set of affordable poker chips. Typically, one 500 chip set is adequate for 9-10 player games or tournaments, 1,000 chip sets will be adequate to host a game or tourney up to 20 players. Try to purchase the clay variety – they have better weight.

Las Vegas Poker Chips

Poker Chip Set


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Poker Weights

Poker Novelty

Poker Time Wall Clock

Poker-Time-Wall-Clock - Gifts and Supplies for Card Players

Belgian Chocolate Coins – yummy!

Chocolate Casino Coins - Gifts & Supplies for Card Players