Counterfeit Cards: The Business of Trading Card Fakes

Trading Card Fakes - Great Bridge Links
Trading cards are a serious business, pulling in billions of dollars each year in revenue. As one would expect, counterfeiting is a real issue. Here’s what you should know about the business of counterfeiting cards, and what we learned tracking some down for ourselves.

6 Fun and Simple Valentines Day Crafts to Make With a Deck of Cards

Valentine Crafts with Playing Cards
If you’re the type who loves Love and loves crafts, this list is perfect for you. Grab yourself a few decks of red-backed playing cards (can be found cheap and easy at almost any second hand or dollar store), some sturdy card stock, a glue stick, a pair of scissors, and some twine or festive ribbon.

Splendor: a Splendid Way to Spend an Evening

Spendor Strategy Game - Gifts for Card Players
Since buying this game last year, the phrase “I would play splendoooooor” is heard almost every time we are deciding what to do next. If you have a group of game-loving friends or family members who are frequently looking for something interesting to do together, it might be worthwhile to pick up a copy of Splendour the next time you visit your local game shop.

The Era of New Age Board Games Has Dawned

New Era of Board Games - Gifts for Card Players
Board games are back in vogue and they seem to be more popular than ever before. The interest in tabletop games is on the rise, especially among millennials whose newfound love for socializing has made them embrace games that can be played with a group of friends.

Can you win consistently at Baccarat?

Can you win consistently at baccarat - Gifts for Card Players Magazine
Baccarat is one of the simplest and the fastest casino games, and like any other casino game, the luck factor will play a key role. However, you can structure your play in a better way by applying certain strategies, rather than depending only on luck.

Five Interesting Family Board Games That Are App-Driven

App Driven Board Games - Gifts for Card Players
There's a new breed of board games which combine the charm and simplicity of old school games and the immersive gaming experience of the digital world. These are app-driven board games. Let's check some of these out!

Six Don’ts For Beginners to Improve Their Poker Performance

Don't for Poker Players - Gifts for Card Players
If you have just started playing poker, it is natural that you would want to learn some tricks to become a better player. Here is a list of six important “don’ts” which should be followed by beginners to boost their poker performance and earnings.

Life Lessons Learned in Baccarat

Life Lessons in Card Games - Gifts for Card Players
When you talk to anyone that gambles, everyone wants to talk about their greatest triumphs. This isn’t one of those stories. This is the worst defeat I was ever handed at the casino and the life lesson I gained from it.

Cards for Soldiers

Cards for Soldiers - Gifts for Card Players
Card decks can be utilized for far more than just a card game. The US Military has had several limited-run card decks printed for issue to soldiers, not just to keep their minds and hands busy during idle time, but also sometimes to aid in daring escapes or the identification of hostile forces.

Crazy Craps

Crazy Craps - Gifts for Card Players
It was a Saturday night at the local tribal casino and I was shooting dice for about 5 minutes when a middle aged gentlemen stumbled towards our table; slightly intoxicated from a night of drinking, very winded due to the financial loss he had suffered at the Spanish 21 table nearby

The Top Online Casino Games 2018

Top online casino games in 2018
The online gambling business has come a long way since it was established back in 1994 and has made this leisure activity easier to engage in for both casinos and players alike. Here are the top online games for 2018.

Blacklisted at Blackjack: Things to Avoid at the Table

Blacklisted at Blackjack: Things to Avoid at the Table
The game of blackjack has rules like any other card game, but it’s wise to remember that these rules aren’t limited just to what cards should be played and how. The rules of card playing also include card table etiquette, or what you can and can’t do at the table, and overstepping the line will usually get you booted from the table – or in extreme cases, banned from the casino entirely.

A Sweet Jackpot: Candy for your card table

Suit Symbol Playing Card Motif Candy
If you’re not sure what to get someone for an upcoming birthday or holiday, we’d say always settle with either cash – or candy. Here’s our list of the coolest gambling candy you can buy.

Mad Magazine: The Board Game

Mad Magazine the Board Game
In it's heyday The Mad franchise produced magazines, TV shows, trading card games - there was even a movie. Alex walks down memory lane with the Mad board game.