This is WAR! An Epic Battle Playing Card Game for Family Fun!

The card game War fun for the whole family 2
Hello, fellow playing card game enthusiasts! Today, we're going to explore the delightful world of  War, a classic card game that, for me, brings back fun memories of games around the campfire, or with my brothers in the 'rec room' during the Baby Boom of the 1950s - before computers! In this article, I'm going to share the gameplay, strategies, and the enduring charm of the card game known as War.

Behind the Illusion: How Magicians Use Marked Playing Cards for Magic

How Magicians Use Marked Cards for Magic
Have you ever wondered how magicians alter playing card decks in order to create some of the amazing illusions we see at magic shows and on youtube? We know they must do it, but exactly what is involved? Let's dig in!

A World of Card Play – Card Games from Different Cultures

Card Games from Different Cultures
Do you know that a traditional deck with 52 cards can generate around 8.0658 x 10^67 combinations of dealt hands? With so many possibilities it's easy to see why cards have inspired different cultures to create a wide variety of games.

Decks in the Halls 2021

We’re not sure if that’s what the classic song meant with “deck the halls”, but another card deck always makes for a great gift – especially around Christmas. We’re about to bring another year to a close, and what’s better to end the year on than an article about some great Christmas-themed card decks to make for a great just-before-Christmas gift.