Behind the Illusion: How Magicians Use Marked Playing Cards for Magic

How Magicians Use Marked Cards for Magic
Have you ever wondered how magicians alter playing card decks in order to create some of the amazing illusions we see at magic shows and on youtube? We know they must do it, but exactly what is involved? Let's dig in!

An Introduction to Cardistry: 4 Simple Tricks and Resources for Beginners

How to do cardistry Gifts for Card Players
Cardistry is an exciting way to express yourself creatively while mastering complex moves involving playing cards - from simple flips to intricate shuffles - all designed around creating visually stunning performances that will leave onlookers stunned!

Exploring Magic Kits

Magic Kits - Gifts for Card Players
Many professional magicians consider magic kits corny, but they can still remember their first one! If you buy the right kit, it can be a great inspiration for a young card player or magician. We spoke to The Magic Shop about all things magic and checked out some of the kits on the market.