How to Invent Your Own Card Game

How to Invent Your Own Card Game - Gifts for Card Players
If you are a fan of card games, you've probably wondered if there are any new card games worth playing. Did you know there are whole communities of people who invent their own, and many can be found online?

Theory11, JJ Abrams and the Mystery Puzzle Box

JJ Abrams Puzzle Box - Gifts or Card Players
Puzzle boxes are a pretty good metaphor for human curiosity: We all want to know, what's in the box? We can't help but look as a stop to our curious nature - and it'll usually bother us until we know. Overall, puzzle boxes can be a lot of fun. So much so that film director JJ Abrams collaborated with one of the world's largest playing card manufacturers to bring the JJ Abrams Mystery Box to life. Check it out.

5 interesting playing card facts you want to know

5 interesting playing card facts you want to know
We’ve all picked up a deck of playing cards in our lifetime, most likely playing leisure or casino games such as Rummy, Bridge, Blackjack and Poker. But how many of us know the history of the humble deck, or the myths and superstitions that surround those small coated sheets of paper? Here are some of the most interesting facts we can find – how many have you heard of before?

Yu-Gi-Oh! Exploring the Stainless Steel Card

Yu-Gi-Oh! Exploring the Stainless Steel Card - Gifts for Mystics
Having recently re-discovered Yu-Gi-Oh! the show, through Dueling Nexus and binge-watching, I heard about a particularly valuable Yu-Gi-Oh! Card: printed on stainless steel, and very special issue. Here’s what I found looking into the Black Luster Solider - issued in 1999 for the big winner of the first-ever Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament.

The Suicide King (and Other Card Nicknames)

The Suicide King - Gifts for Card Players
Playing cards have a rich history spanning hundreds of years. This has given us enough time to come up with sayings and nicknames for practically every card in the deck. There’s the Suicide King, the Axe-Man and the notorious Ace of Spades - and, anyone heard of the Beer Card? Here's a little delve into some cool card superstitions.

Obscure TCG’s that Rock

Obscure TCGs That Rock - Gifts for Card Players
Trading card games (also called TCG's for short) have soared in popularity since the release of the official first TCG Magic: The Gathering way back in 1993. Hundeds of TCG's have hit the market since then - some just plan weird, most of them a lot of fun. We took a look at some awesome TCG's and created this list, just for you!

Exploring Magic Kits

Magic Kits - Gifts for Card Players
Many professional magicians consider magic kits corny, but they can still remember their first one! If you buy the right kit, it can be a great inspiration for a young card player or magician. We spoke to The Magic Shop about all things magic and checked out some of the kits on the market.

Learn How to Shuffle a Deck, It Can Give You the Upper Hand

Learn How to Shuffle a Deck, It Can Give You the Upper Hand - Great Bridge Links
Style and skill go hand in when playing any card game. Looking like you know what you’re doing is part and parcel of every card game. So learning some new shuffling tips and tricks will give your opponents the idea that you’re a whizz at whatever you’re playing.

5 Characteristics All The Best Crib Players Share

5 Characteristics of Best Crib Players - Gifts for Card Players
What does it really mean at the end of the day to be a “great crib player” or “one of the best”? If you’ve played much cribbage, you know the top players come in all shapes and sizes.

Counterfeit Cards: The Business of Trading Card Fakes

Trading Card Fakes - Great Bridge Links
Trading cards are a serious business, pulling in billions of dollars each year in revenue. As one would expect, counterfeiting is a real issue. Here’s what you should know about the business of counterfeiting cards, and what we learned tracking some down for ourselves.

Trick Card Decks & Where to Find Them

Ellusionist and other Trick Card Resources - Gifts for Card Players
Over the years, I’ve developed a deep-rooted fine love for card and coin tricks; those are two things I’m almost never without – when killing time waiting for a taxi to pass, while waiting for an important e-mail to come in or while in conversation on the phone for a radio interview, my hands are usually busy with a coin palm or a card flip.

Looking at Antique and Vintage Card Decks

Vintage Playing Cards - Gifts for Card Players
Guitarists call the phenomenon GAS, short for Gear Acquisition Syndrome: One can never have too many guitars – or in our case, card decks. When last did you buy ‘just one more’ for the collection? We took a look at some really cool vintage and antique card decks and where you can go to find them.

6 Fun and Simple Valentines Day Crafts to Make With a Deck of Cards

Valentine Crafts with Playing Cards
If you’re the type who loves Love and loves crafts, this list is perfect for you. Grab yourself a few decks of red-backed playing cards (can be found cheap and easy at almost any second hand or dollar store), some sturdy card stock, a glue stick, a pair of scissors, and some twine or festive ribbon.

Rare, Beautiful Playing Cards You Won’t Have Seen Elsewhere

Rare, Beautiful Playing Cards You Won't Have Seen Elsewhere
In addition to the standard “bicycle” deck of playing cards, many contemporary and historical artists have designed incredible decks with amazing visuals - here’s just a few of them.

Cards for Soldiers

Cards for Soldiers - Gifts for Card Players
Card decks can be utilized for far more than just a card game. The US Military has had several limited-run card decks printed for issue to soldiers, not just to keep their minds and hands busy during idle time, but also sometimes to aid in daring escapes or the identification of hostile forces.