Am I a Card Collector? Take this quiz –

Quiz: Am I a Playing Card Collector?

Take this quiz to see if you have the personality traits that make a great card collector. Choose the answer that best describes you for each question. Let’s shuffle through your traits and see if you’re cut out for the world of card collecting!

  1. When you hear the word ‘deck’, what comes to mind first?
    • A. A pack of playing cards.
    • B. A wooden platform attached to a house.
    • C. A PowerPoint presentation for my next meeting.
    • D. The deck of a ship.
  2. How do you organize your bookshelf or workspace?
    • A. Alphabetically or by color – order is key!
    • B. A bit of organized chaos – I know where everything is.
    • C. Organize? What’s that?
    • D. I keep things minimal – less is more.
  3. At a party, you’re most likely to be found:
    • A. Analyzing the artwork on the drink labels.
    • B. Mingling and making new friends.
    • C. Dominating at the card table.
    • D. Planning the next event or game.
  4. What’s your approach to new hobbies?
    • A. Dive deep into research and know everything about it.
    • B. Try it casually and see how it feels.
    • C. I usually stick to what I know.
    • D. Jump in with both feet and get totally absorbed.
  5. If you found an old, rare book at a garage sale, you would:
    • A. Research its history and value immediately.
    • B. Appreciate its aesthetics and old-book smell.
    • C. Wonder if you could sell it for a profit.
    • D. Buy it to read, not caring about its value.
  6. Your reaction to limited edition items is usually:
    • A. “I need it for my collection, no matter the cost!”
    • B. “Nice, but I don’t need more stuff.”
    • C. “Limited edition? Sounds overpriced.”
    • D. “I’ll buy it if I really like it, not just because it’s limited.”
  7. How do you feel about flea markets and antique shops?
    • A. Love them! You never know what treasures you’ll find.
    • B. They’re interesting to browse through occasionally.
    • C. Prefer shopping for new, modern items.
    • D. Only go if I’m looking for something specific.
  8. Your friends would describe you as:
    • A. Detail-oriented and a bit of a perfectionist.
    • B. Easygoing and adaptable.
    • C. Focused on practicality and efficiency.
    • D. Creative and a bit unconventional.
  9. Your preferred way to spend a free afternoon would be:
    • A. Cataloging or organizing a collection of some sort.
    • B. Outdoors, enjoying nature or a fun activity.
    • C. Catching up on work or personal projects.
    • D. Trying out a new craft or creative hobby.
  10. When making decisions, you rely mostly on:
    • A. Facts, data, and thorough research.
    • B. Intuition and feelings.
    • C. Advice from others and popular opinions.
    • D. Spontaneous gut reactions.

(See end of article for your score)

Card collecting, a hobby with a long story, offers a delightful blend of history, art, and strategy. Let’s look at the world of card collecting, and gain some insights and strategies to help enthusiasts (could this be you?) navigate this fascinating pursuit.

The foundation of card collecting lies in understanding what drives this hobby. Collectors find joy in the uniqueness of designs, historical significance, rarity, and condition of the cards. It’s more than just accumulating items; it’s about cherishing pieces of art and history.

What interests you?

For beginners, the starting point can be as simple as determining your personal interests. You might be drawn to vintage cards, themed decks, or modern designs. Your initial focus will reflect your personal taste. By starting with a genre that interests you, your collection will hold personal value, making the journey more enjoyable.

Research and Knowledge

Knowledge is a collector’s best tool. Understanding the history of cards, recognizing valuable editions, and staying updated with market trends are crucial. This involves reading books, joining online forums, and connecting with other collectors. The more informed and networked a collector is, the better their chances of making wise acquisitions.

Collector Forums

Playing Card Forum 
International Playing Card Society 
52+Joker Playing Card Club


They Playing Card Journal – published by the International Playing Card Society 4 times a year. Sample here.

Collecting Playing Cards, Identification and Value Guide Paperback by Mark Pickvet

The Collector’s Guide to Playing Cards – For novices and longtime card collectors alike. By Mark Pickvet.

Diversifying the Collection

Diversity in a collection adds value and interest. Collectors often focus on different types of cards – from antique decks to contemporary artist collaborations. A diverse collection not only provides a broader appeal but also mitigates risks associated with market fluctuations.

The Art of Acquisition

Acquiring new cards is where strategy comes into play. Auctions, online marketplaces, and card shops are common sources. However, great finds often come from unexpected places like garage sales or antique shops. Keeping an open mind and exploring various avenues can lead to surprising additions to the collection.

Condition and Preservation

The condition of a card significantly impacts its value. Collectors must ensure proper storage and handling of their cards. This includes using protective sleeves, maintaining a suitable environment free from moisture and sunlight, and handling cards with care. Preservation is key to maintaining and potentially increasing the value of a collection. Card shops of any kind will have card sleeves for sale as well as binders with card sized pockets. Your really valuable cards need to reside in rigid sleeves.

The Financial Aspect

While card collecting can be driven by passion, it can also earn you some money. Understanding the monetary value of cards and making strategic purchases is important. However, most collectors simply enjoy the process of collecting, not really focusing on potential financial gains.

Patience and Timing

If you’re planning to buy and sell, patience is a virtue in card collecting. Building a valuable collection takes time. The market for cards can fluctuate, and waiting for the right moment to buy or sell can be pivotal. Patience also applies to research and learning about different aspects of card collecting.

Challenges are part of any hobby, and card collecting is no exception. Market changes, counterfeit cards, and evolving trends are realities collectors face. Staying informed, adapting strategies, and seeking advice from experienced collectors are ways to navigate these challenges.

Card collecting is a journey filled with history, art, and strategy. It requires a blend of knowledge, passion, and patience. Whether a seasoned collector or a newcomer, the world of card collecting offers a unique and rewarding experience. Remember, the true value of a collection lies not just in its monetary worth, but in the enjoyment and fulfillment it brings to the collector.

So, are you a card collector?

If you took the quiz at the top of this article and scored:

  • Mostly A’s: True Collector’s Spirit – You have the eye for detail, love for research, and passion for collecting. Welcome to the club!
  • Mostly B’s: Casual Enthusiast – You appreciate collections and might dabble in card collecting, but prefer a more laid-back approach.
  • Mostly C’s: Practical Realist – While intrigued, you’re more grounded in practicality. Card collecting might be an occasional interest.
  • Mostly D’s: Creative Soul – You’re driven by creativity and spontaneity. While not a typical collector, you might find joy in the artistic side of cards.
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