Gift Ideas for Poker Fans in 2020

Gift Ideas for Poker Fans in 2020

Buying presents, even for close family is never easy and you want to try and get something you know they are going to love. The best advice is to try and focus on something you know they enjoy, such as a hobby. For those who play or watch poker, there are some great products available. Let’s take a look at some of the gift ideas for poker fans in 2020.

People who like poker are sure to already own a set but just to be sure nothing beats the Trademark Poker Chip Set. This is the complete package and features four colours for different value holders, two standard size decks of cards and poker buttons. When it comes to hosting a poker night at home, this set is the real deal and you can quickly transform your dining table into a realistic casino.

Of course, many poker fans will already own a classic set and if that’s the case a great gift idea is a luxury set of Artisan Playing Cards. These do not come cheap but are well worth the investment for the serious player. There are four decks of playing cards, two in white and two in black and they come inside a stunning laser etched wood engraved box. Produced by the United States Playing Card Company, the Artisan Playing Cards are not only sealed with a red tax-stamp but are vintage sticker seal marked with the exact month and year of print. They are without doubt one of the leading gifts for poker fans in 2020.

If there is one thing all poker fans love, it is playing the game whether it be at a land based casino or an online casino. There are many benefits to playing online poker at home, with convenience and the large selection of games being just two of them. However, one of the great things about playing online poker is the bonuses. Poker bonuses come in many forms with one of the most popular being a 100% bonus match. To claim this type of bonus you must make an initial deposit on the poker website and the company will match that 100% up to a specific value, often over $500. Can you imagine the look of excitement on the face of a poker fan as they realise you have not only given them the gift of playing online poker but also landed them a huge bonus to get started?

It is very straight forward to sign up and create an account at all of the top online poker websites and all you have to do is hand over the login details to the lucky recipient.

Poker maybe a simple game to learn but it is extremely difficult to master and that’s where theory and strategy come into play. When searching for gift ideas for poker fans in 2020, there’s a great range of poker books available which can help to improve a player. The Play Optimal Poker series is a good example and at the time of writing there are two books available in the series entitled ‘Practical Game Theory for Every Poker Player’ and ‘Range Construction’. Both make excellent gifts and you could easily give the two as a package.

Other great gift ideas for poker fans in 2020 include a poker table, such as the Lancaster Folding Poker Game Table or the luxurious 54″ Combination 3-in-1 Game and Dining Table, which comes in a chestnut finish. With so many tremendous options available, you will never be stuck in terms of gift ideas for poker fans.

Photo by Amanda Jones on Unsplash

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