Go live from your lounge!

Go live from your lounge!

When it comes to the newest innovations in online gaming, nothing beats live casino games! Here, you can have the classic casino experience from the comfort of your own home, as you sit back and watch your very own live croupier, or dealer, get things rolling. This live aspect has been applied to almost all of your casino favourites – read on to find your new favourite pastime!

Live Casino Stud Poker

This live version of the classic card game sticks to the regular rules and regulations of Poker, but with an exciting new twist. As you sit down at the virtual Poker table, you’ll be instantly locked into a head-to-head battle with one of the many expert dealers, waiting for you to come and play. And, instead of just one way to win, this game offers a whole load of ways to play, which can lead you to bank a cash prize worth up to 100,000 credits!

Gameplay starts for as little as 0.50 credits, with progressive jackpots available with every bet. Live Casino Stud Poker is played using standard decks of cards – eight in this case. The aim of the game is to make a better five-card Poker hand than the dealer. Once you have placed your first wager, and therefore entered the game, both yourself and the dealer will receive five cards each. Four of the dealer’s cards will be face down, with only one visible to the player. Now, you must decide whether you want to continue playing, or fold, based on this one card. If you decide to continue playing, you’ll have to double your original wager, before the dealer will then reveal their cards. If they have an ace or a king, then the showdown will continue, but if not, you will win back your original bet. In the following showdown, to a successful hand, there is the chance to win 100x your bet if you hold a royal flush amongst your five cards!

Live Buffalo Blitz

Originally a much-loved traditional slot, say hello to the new live version of Buffalo Blitz! A relatively unknown concept, here we have a live slot, where a real person stands and spins the reels, on your behalf!

Gameplay can start from as little as 0.40 credits, with the chance to win up to 300x your original bet. Scattered across six reels, with over 4,000 ways to win, there are a whole host of different symbols to look forward to, with the means to unlock payouts worth anywhere from 10x to 300x your stake, when you match up three or more of the same symbols. These include the typical high-playing card icons, bears, racoons, moose, mountain lions, the diamond “wild” symbol and, of course, the buffalos, which act as the jackpot symbols. The wild symbol helps to convert any losing combinations into winning ones! There’s also a “free games” symbol which gives you the chance to earn some extra turns, and if you roll in three of these then you could trigger a win of up to 100 free spins!


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