From the Deck of Cards to the Deck of a Plane, these are 5 Famous Decks of Cards

From the Deck of Cards to the Deck of a Plane, these are 5 Famous Decks of Cards

We all know and love playing cards. They’re a part of our everyday lives, whether we’re playing Go Fish with the kids or Poker with our buddies. But did you know that there are some pretty famous decks of cards out there? Here are 5 of the most famous decks of cards in history.

1. The deck of cards used on the Titanic

Yes, believe it or not, the Titanic had a deck of cards on board. In fact, they even have the names of the passengers printed on them! The deck was meant to be used for bridge games but was never finished due to the ship’s tragic sinking. The deck was eventually auctioned off and sold for $200,000! 

2. The world’s largest deck of cards

This one is a bit hard to wrap your head around but in 2008, a company called Jumbo Playing Cards created the world’s largest deck of cards! It measures 8 feet by 8 feet and contains 52 full-size cards. They even have their own special case to hold all the cards! 

3. A deck of cards that flew on the Space Shuttle

In 1996, a company called Eagle Games sent a deck of their “Space Debris” playing cards up into space on the Space Shuttle Columbia. The goal was to see how well the cards held up in zero gravity (spoiler alert: they did just fine!). 

4. A deck of cards that survived the Hindenburg disaster

In 1937, the Hindenburg disaster happened when a German zeppelin caught fire and crashed, killing 36 people. Amazingly, a deck of playing cards was found among the wreckage and was put on display at the Smithsonian Museum. 

5. A very special Pokemon card

In 2020, an extremely rare Pokemon card sold at auction for a whopping $195,000! The card is called “Pikachu Illustrator” and is so rare because there were only 39 ever made! It’s safe to say that this is one valuable card…

Who knew that there were so many famous decks of cards out there? From decks that have been to space to decks that have survived disasters, these playing cards have definitely seen some action! So next time you’re sitting down to play a game of Solitaire or Bridge, think about all the places these humble little pieces of cardboard have been.

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