Eerie, Weird & Interesting TCG’s for Halloween

Eerie, Weird & Interesting TCG’s for Halloween

By Alex J. Coyne  Gifts for Card Players

Trading Card Games are great if you’re a fan of card and board games at the same time. They meet you somewhere in the middle – and it’s usually easier to set up a TCG than a full board, so it’s perfect for a gaming marathon and a quick game.

We took a look at some eerie, interesting and just plain weird trading card games in preparation for Halloween.

Overkill: Halloween Slasher

If you’re a huge fan of B-grade horror movies when Halloween comes around, then Overkill: Halloween Slasher makes the perfect game for you. The premise of the game is coming up with inventive ways to kill off the top of six victim cards during six rounds – for this, you have to use your murder cards to compose the story, and what they call “But” cards will throw you off the track.

According to Board Game Geek, the game contains 129 cards – you can find more about it on Amazon or Chaos Cards.


If you’re a fan of horror books instead, then you will likely enjoy Clive Barker’s Imajica, a card game based around the novel and released back in 1997. The game was published by Harper Prism, a now-defunct wing of HarperCollins Publishers.

The rules and more information about the game are available on Clive Barker’s official website. You can find copies of the game through Amazon.

Battle Spirits

Battle Spirits was originally released in Japan and developed by creators Bandai and Sunrise Inc. The game is much-like the other highly-successful offering from Bandai (Yu-Gi-Oh! of course) but this incarnation of their TCG features spirits, ghouls and ghosts instead.

Battle Spirits is pretty big business, and there’s even a tournament for players.

You can find the official website for Battle Spirits here. Starter and booster packs can be purchased either directly from the publishers or Amazon.

Vampire: The Eternal Struggle

What’s better suited to Halloween than vampires?

Vampire: The Eternal Struggle was released by White Wolf Publishing, who gamers might already know from the successful Vampire-series of games.

The game is designed for as much as five players, though it’s built to incorporate either more or less players depending on what you have.

This game was taken out of print around 2010, but thanks to a deal with Black Chantry Productions the game will continue to be produced as of 2018.

You can find the official rules for the original game here.


Parody trading card games were pretty big in the 90s and 2000s – and just one of the gems to come out of this era is known as PukeyMon.

It’s not hard to figure out what this was a parody of, and this classic included characters and cards like Grossmeowth, Vomitidle, Hitmongroin, Upchuckmander, DeodorAnt and the classic Pukeachoo.

Here’s a thread from Reddit just to prove that it was a real thing!

We could list a lot more of the wacky names here, but if you want to see a full list, here it is: Jeff Allender’s House of Checklists has a list of Pukeymon cards at his website. They’re still available on Amazon if you can’t resist a set in your card collection.


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