6 Excellent Resources to Learn the Tarot (for Free!) 

6 Excellent Resources to Learn the Tarot (for Free!) 

By Alex J. Coyne © Gifts for Card Players

Learning basic tarot skills should never have to cost a fortune.

The internet makes it easier to access a professional tarot reading within minutes, but that’s not all you can choose to do. Professional readers and tarot teachers have been kind enough to share some of their best lessons, courses, and tarot learning resources online.

Do you want to learn the meanings behind the Major and Minor Arcana cards? Would you like to add more tarot spreads to your library, or just like to build on your current tarot reading skills?

Here’s a closer look at 6 excellent online resources where you can learn how to read tarot for free.

  1. Learning the Tarot: An Online Course


Learning the Tarot is a comprehensive online course, which has been adapted from the bestselling tarot volume by Joan Bunning. The simple beginner’s course presents the tarot in 19 simple lessons, with exercises to test how well you’ve been paying attention after each module.

It’s an excellent basic tarot 101 course, with some more advanced elements included for more experienced tarot readers.

  1. Learn Tarot In A Day


Learn Tarot in a Day presents the student with exactly what the title promises, and it’s perfect for newcomers to serious reading.

The course kicks off with the Major Arcana in Lesson 1, covering the most important card definitions before moving forward.

Tarot in a Day is without a doubt comprehensive enough to learn basic reading skills in under 24 hours. If you want a quick introduction or crash course to cards, you might want to start here.

  1. Dusty White Free Tarot Lessons


Free Tarot Lessons is presented by professional tarot reader Dusty White through his website, although you’ll also see it posted on other tarot websites as an occasional mention.

If you have more time for a course than 24 hours, Dusty presents essential tarot concepts like tarot history, reversals, and spreads in ten day sections.

Lessons take it slow, and branches into more advanced tarot concepts as readers get to the latter of the ten-day course period.

Even if you have no background in tarot reading at all, this is a great course to consider.

  1. Free Online Tarot Course (From San Antonio Tarot & Astrology)


If you thought that San Antonio was internationally famous for its beef, then you might very well be wrong. San Antonio Tarot & Astrology is a local tarot reader who has made some of their own resources available online.

Their series of lessons promises to teach the most basic skils of tarot reading over a two-week period.

Do you have more than 24 hours, but less than a month?

Depending on your schedule and pacing, consider this course if you have more time available to devote towards learning.

  1. Labyrinthos Online Tarot App


Labyrinthos gives users access to online tarot resources, an online tarot community, and free tarot learning through their downloadable app. If you would like a handy reference for all things tarot just a click away, their app can familiarize readers with tarot spreads and card meanings with quick lessons and correspondences.

Do you learn easier by using flash cards and mind-maps?

An app might do the trick for quicker tarot studies!

  1. Skillshare Various


Skillshare is a useful online platform where skills can be uploaded for mass consumption in the form of lessons and courses. If you’re an educator with something to teach, Skillshare could be for you – but for the purposes of this article, readers might want to check out their tarot section.

Basic to advanced tarot courses are uploaded here, with most of them available for free through Skillshare.

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