What kind of card player personality are you?

What kind of card player personality are you

Here’s a simple 10-question quiz to help determine a person’s card player personality. Each question has four options (A, B, C, or D). After the quiz, tally up the number of A’s, B’s, C’s, and D’s to find out which personality type the person has.

1. When playing a card game, your main goal is to:

A) Win at all costs

B) Have fun and socialize

C) Learn new strategies and techniques

D) Relax and unwind

2. Your approach to risk in a card game is:

A) Calculated and aggressive

B) Cautious and conservative

C) Adaptive, depending on the situation

D) Unconcerned, it’s just a game

3. When you make a mistake in a card game, you:

A) Get frustrated and analyze the error

B) Laugh it off and move on

C) Consider it a learning opportunity

D) Don’t care too much about it

4. If you lose several rounds in a row, you:

A) Get more competitive and focused

B) Stay positive and keep enjoying the game

C) Reflect on your strategy and adjust

D) Shrug it off and keep playing

5. You prefer card games that:

A) Involve skill and strategy

B) Encourage socializing and laughter

C) Offer a challenge and mental stimulation

D) Are easy to pick up and play

6. When playing with new opponents, you:

A) Size them up and exploit their weaknesses

B) Make friends and enjoy the company

C) Learn from their playstyles and techniques

D) Treat it like any other casual game

7. When you win a card game, you feel:

A) A sense of accomplishment and pride

B) Happy, but mostly for the experience

C) Motivated to continue improving

D) Unfazed, it’s just a game

8. During a game, you tend to:

A) Focus intensely on every move

B) Chat and joke with others

C) Observe and analyze the game dynamics

D) Play without worrying about the outcome

9. When teaching someone a new card game, you:

A) Explain the rules and strategies thoroughly

B) Make it a fun and enjoyable experience

C) Share tips and tricks for improvement

D) Keep it simple and easy to understand

10. Your ideal card game night includes:

A) High-stakes, competitive games

B) Lighthearted, casual games with friends

C) Trying out new games and strategies

D) A relaxing night without much pressure


How did you do? Tally up the number of A’s, B’s, C’s, and D’s and compare to the outline below.

Mostly A’s: The Competitive Strategist:

The Competitive Strategist is a highly focused and ambitious card player who thrives on winning. They are driven by the challenge and pride themselves on their skill and mastery of the game. They take every move seriously, analyzing both their own and their opponents’ strategies to exploit weaknesses and gain an advantage. Their main goal is to win, and they may become frustrated if things don’t go their way. For the Competitive Strategist, card games are a mental battleground, and they relish every opportunity to prove their expertise.

Of course the Competitive Strategist would love to play duplicate and tournament bridge where they can hone their skills against the best players in the world!

Mostly B’s: The Social Butterfly:

The Social Butterfly sees card games as a means to connect with others and have fun. They prioritize enjoying the company of their fellow players and creating a friendly, lighthearted atmosphere. Winning is secondary to the Social Butterfly, as they focus more on the shared experience and camaraderie of the game. They often engage in conversation, laughter, and storytelling, making game night a memorable and entertaining event for everyone involved.

A Social Butterfly card personality would love to play club bridge where they can meet up with friends an neighbours weekly for a few hours of social bridge.

Mostly C’s: The Knowledge Seeker:

The Knowledge Seeker approaches card games with a thirst for learning and self-improvement. They are eager to discover new strategies, techniques, and games to expand their skillset. The Knowledge Seeker values the mental challenge and stimulation that card games provide, and they see every game as an opportunity to grow and develop. They are open to learning from both their own mistakes and the successes of others, constantly adapting and evolving their gameplay.

The Knowledge Seeker will grow their bridge game steadily over time, likely own a million bridge books, and never tire of this endlessly fascinating game.

Mostly D’s: The Casual Gamer:

The Casual Gamer enjoys card games as a relaxing and low-pressure pastime. They don’t get too concerned with winning or losing, treating the game as an opportunity to unwind and have a good time. The Casual Gamer prefers easy-to-learn games that don’t require intense focus or strategic thinking. They are easygoing and adaptable, making them an ideal player for laid-back game nights with friends and family.

The Casual Gamer would enjoy what we used to call ‘kitchen bridge’ – a fun evening at the kitchen table with friends and maybe a beverage or two!

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