A Sweet Jackpot: Candy for your card table

A Sweet Jackpot: Candy for your card table

By Alex J. Coyne © November 2018 Great Bridge Links

If you’re not sure what to get someone for an upcoming birthday or holiday, we’d say always settle with either cash – or candy. Or, put out a dish at the club or card night! Here’s our list of the coolest playing card candy you can buy.

Gambling-Themed Candy Molds

From Shop Bakers Nook. For only two dollars a pop, there are molds for bingo cards, chess pieces, poker chips, card suits and playing cards. For a little bit more at $7.99 they’ve also got cookie-cutters in the shape of playing card suits.

Card Suit Chocolate

A perfect gift for all chocolate-lovers. Lovely choices of gambling-themed chocolate candy are available The Chocolate Vault  including a roulette wheel, slot machine, poker chips, face cards and card suits – of course, all made out of chocolate. Careful so you don’t melt ‘em while you’re on a hot streak!

M&M’s Slot Machine Candy Dispenser

For Poker Night! Some might have had slot machine candy dispensers as a kid and want to relive the fun; this is great to keep on your desk or in your games room. These are available from Amazon for $39.98 excluding shipping. Yes, it’s just like an old-school Pez-dispenser for gamblers!

Poker Chip Cookie Cutters

Take a look on crafts site Etsy for some really cool poker chip-themed cookie cutters – here and over here. This one requires some baking before you get to the cookie-eating part, so you might want to take a look at a recipe that goes along with it, like from Casino Recipes, Betty Crocker or Centre Street.

Candy Cash

Candy chips are perfect for using for chips in lieu of real money. You can find the classic chocolate gold and silver coins  from Old Time Candy (available, of course, in bulk, too!) and on Amazon by the bag too. More candy cash is available from Candy Favourites.

Hard Card Candy

If hard candy is more your thing, these playing card fruit candies are available from HalfNuts.net – at $4, 99 per pound, so go absolutely crazy, sugar nuts!

Candy Playing Cards

While you can’t eat these, they’re a great companion to a card game with a lot of sweet eats going around the table. This card deck contains pictures and more information about the candy on the cards; they’re available from Amazon for only $12, 77.

Mint Truffles

While not a personal favorite of mine, many might love these playing-card themed mint truffles from The Chocolate Store. Aces, Kings, Queens and Jacks. You can buy the stuff per pound at $21.99 – that, according to the website, comes to approximately 38 pieces.


Available from Krauses Candy, you can buy a slot machine made entirely from chocolate – miniaturized, of course. They’re only $3.99 and come with a chocolate poker chip.  For a little more starting at $100, here’s another option from Chocolate Works – and you can specify size and weight. We’ll try our luck with the biggest you’ve got…

What will you be picking up for the sweet toothed gambler ?

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