Holiday Card Theme Novelties 2021

Holiday Card Theme Novelties 2021

for your favourite partner (or director, or club owner, or team mate or…)

We had so much fun putting this page together. What better gift than a deck of holiday-them playing cards, wrapped in a suit symbol gift bag. Do you have a tree in your game room? Here are tree ornaments and tree skirts. And don’t forget to wear your Santa hat when you’re giving out the gifts.

Click on images to visit store for shopping! Wherever possible, we are linking to our partners (Baron Barclay, Richmond Bridge and 7NT Bridge) and when not there, most of our links are Amazon and Etsy. Enjoy!

Deck the Halls!

Holiday Playing Cards 

How cool would it be to deal out these cards during your holiday bridge games? Or, instead of giving a Christmas Card to your favourite bridge partner, how about Christmas cards!

A Christmas Carol Playing Cards Bridge


Christmas Gnomes Playing Cards Bridge


Christmas Playing Cards

Playing cards on Etsy

Christmas Holiday Playing Cards

Hand painted Christmas Playing Cards


This little deck looks lovely for spontaneous gift giving! Note, they are poker playing card sized. Bridge playing cards are a bit smaller because we need to hold 13 cards (not 5)

Christmas playing card design poker


Holiday Cards for Giving

Card shaped Happy Holidays greeting card

Santa Playing Poker Boxed Holiday Cards

Say thank-you!

Cardinal Thank You Card - Gifts for Card Players

Lillie Thank You Card - Gifts for Card Players

Wrap your gifts

Gift Bags from Baron Barclay

Christmas playing card design poker


Christmas playing card design poker

And card suit symbol wrapping tissue to put inside!

Barclay suits wrapping tissue

More gift wraps can be found on our Party Time! pages.

That Ugly Christmas Sweater

(with apologies to mom)

No holiday listing is complete without a few Christmas sweaters!

Ugly Christmas Sweater North Pole Casino

The Tree!

Do you have a Christmas tree set up in your game room?

The Tree Skirt

Christmas Tree Skirt Playing Card Motif games bridge poker

Playing cards Christmas tree skirt

Playing Cards Suit Symbols Christmas Tree Skirt bridge poker

Tree Ornaments

Baron Barclay I heart bridge ornament

All suits holiday ornament playing cards poker

Playing cards poker bridge holiday snowflake ornament

Poker Hand Ornaments

Poker Hand ornament









Four aces christmas tree ornament poker playing cards

Hang the stockings


Playing Card Christmas Stockings poker bridge casino

Christmas Holiday Stockings card suit symbol poker bridge casino

playing card suit symbol christmas stocking poker bridge casino

Be Santa!






Playing cards poker bridge casino Santa hat




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