Games & Puzzles for Bridge Fans

Card players love games and puzzles – of course we do! We’ve collected bridge-related games, puzzles and more on this page.


for the collectors!

Bridge for One by Milton C Work

Vintage Solitaire Bridge Game

Bridge for Two by Charles H Goren

Charles Goren Bridge For Two

AutoBridge Designed by Charles H Goren



Tops Bridge Set - Gifts for Card Players

TOPS – The “Tops Basic set” contains all you need to play duplicate (matchpoints) with your friends. Four decks of cards, 8×16 deals with results, score sheets etc., all served in an elegant looking box. Click image.


BIDittle introduces basic bridge concepts in a game that moves quickly. Educational, easy to learn. Ages 10 to adult.

Bridge Quiz Challenge

Bridge Quiz Challenge – Two decks of regular playing cards BUT with questions on the faces of each card and the answers on the reverse. A perfect learning tool for the novice and social players.

Handheld Bridge

BridgeMate – Electronic Bridge LCD Game (TG0277) We all know how difficult it is to find 4 friends to start a game when you wanted to. Now you can play Bridge anytime anywhere with BridgeMate LCD game.

On The Go

silver card box tic tac toe

Silver box of cards,tic tac toe in lid

Gifts Sets

Puzzle and Playing Card Set - Gifts for Card Players

Flash Cards

Improve your bidding skills with these flash cards.

Bridge Flash Cards - Bidding - Gifts for Card Players

Flash cards help you learn the game of bridge



What to do in the hotel room when there are only 3 of you? We’ve found some beautiful game sets, something for everyone.

6 in 1 game Set

Kling Magnetic Playing Cards stick to the board not each other

Kling Magnetic Card Set

Never again will wind or weather keep you from your favorite game.


Made specially for Canasta by Piatnik of Austria, these gorgeous bridge size cards have the point values printed on the faces, which makes it easy to learn and play. Rules included.

Canasta Deck by Piatnik of Austria from Bridge Baron Bridge Supply

Fun Stuff

A three player chessboard 3 way chess board

Bridge Crossword Puzzles


Domino Train - Gifts for Card Players


For when you have a house full of guests during the sectional weekend. What to do while waiting for game time?

Bridge JigSaw from on Gifts for Card Players

Interesting bridge jigsaws – more than just a puzzle!