Games & Puzzles for Bridge Fans

Card players love games and puzzles – of course we do! We’ve collected bridge-related games, puzzles and more on this page.


for the collectors!

Bridge for One by Milton C Work

Vintage Solitaire Bridge Game

Bridge for Two by Charles H Goren

Charles Goren Bridge For Two

AutoBridge Designed by Charles H Goren

Auto bridge designed by Charles Goren Autobridge

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Tops Bridge Set - Gifts for Card Players

Play Duplicate at home! TOPS – The “Tops Basic set” contains all you need to play duplicate (matchpoints) with your friends. Four decks of cards, 8×16 deals with results, score sheets etc., all served in an elegant looking box. Click image.

Play duplicate bridge at home with Duplicate Cards

DUPLICATE CARDS® – Play Duplicate Bridge from the Comfort of your Living Room – 48 Deals per Pack Offering Great Value


These games will help players new to playing cards become familiar with the concept of card values and suits

BIDittle BIDittle [bi-DID-el] is a simple bidding and trick-taking card game that uses a colorful game board with bidding prompts in each corner to simplify the bidding process.

BIDittle introduces basic bridge concepts in a game that moves quickly. Educational, easy to learn. Ages 10 to adult.

If you like Bridge, Whist, Hearts or any suspenseful game of skill, then you'll be charmed by WIZARD!

If you like Bridge, Whist, Hearts or any suspenseful game of skill, then you’ll be charmed by WIZARD!

Partners Board Game

Are you competitive? Sabotage is a team sport. Choose your partner wisely because only the duo with the right strategy, a bit of luck, and the ability to work with their partner will claim victory

On The Go

Magnetic Card Set play cards on the go poker bridge casino

Magnetic Card Set – Never again will wind or weather keep you from your favorite game.

Chrome Game Box Deck of cards TikTakToe

Silver box of cards, tic tac toe in lid


Improve your bidding skills with these flashcards.

Bridge Flash Cards - Bidding - Gifts for Card Players

Bidding Flashcards from Baron Barclay

Bridge Flash Cards from Bridge Clues Mike Lawrence

Flashcards of all kinds from Bridge Clues

Bridge Flashcards Card Combinations

Flashcards Card Combinatio



What to do in the hotel room when there are only 3 of you?

attache game compendium chess checkers travel games

attache game compendium chess checkers card games crib

Or this lovely little box on Amazon – with wooden dice, wooden dominoes and room for your favourite deck of cards.

Wooden playing card box dice dominoes

Fun Stuff

Bridge Crossword Puzzles

Bridge Crossword Puzzles Jeff Chen

BOGGLE – this perfect bookshelf version of everyone’s favourite game

Boggle Game Set


For when you have a house full of guests during the sectional weekend. What to do while waiting for game time?


Updated November 2023