Books and Book Shops


Many of these shops have both bridge software and books.

Baron Barclay Bridge (USA)

Bridge World Book Store (USA)

Canadian Bridge Supplies (Canada)

London Bridge Centre (UK)

Vince Oddy Bridge Supplies (Canada) – also sells used books.

Jannersten Forlag (Sweden)

Master Point Press Canadian Publisher

La Chouette (Italy)

Bridge en Boekenshop (Netherlands)

The Bridge Shop (Australia)

Author Book Shops

Mike Lawrence Author Site

Larry Cohen’s Book Shop Author Site

Bridge Today Book Shop Granovetter, Pamela and Matthew Author Site

Audrey Grant – One of the world’s finest bridge teachers.

Marty Bergen – Author of Points Schmoints.

Eddie Kantar  – Professional bridge player, writer, teacher and member of the Bridge Hall of Fame.

Ron Klinger – World class bridge writer and professional. Lots offered on this author site.

Barbara Seagram – Author and teacher.

Used Books

Find quality used books on Vince Oddy Bridge Supplies


Kindle E-book Reader

Electronic book readers are becoming more popular. They allow readers to download many books into one cool little handheld to be read anywhere. You can make the text big, for easier reading, even first thing in the morning!

E-Book Stores

Bridge eBooks from Master Point Press

Masterpoint Press has a great bridge e-book store. Click here to visit has an excellent selection of bridge books in e-book format. Click Here


Because it’s a game, after all

Bridge Cartoons by Jude Goodwin

Bridge Cartoons by Jude Goodwin

Charles Shulz Bridge Cartoons

By Charles M. Schulz!

Bridge Cartoons by Bill Buttle

By Bill Buttle