39 Years of Table Talk Bridge Humour

Jude Goodwin’s cartoon artwork has been enjoyed by bridge players around the world for almost four decades. You will find them illustrating bridge books, newsletters, magazines and daily bulletins and now she has gathered them here for all promoters of the game of bridge to use in their editorial material.

First published in 1982 in a book titled Table Talk by Devyn Press, Jude Goodwin’s Table Talk Cartoons appeared monthly in the ACBL Bulletin and Daily Bulletins at NABCs for many years. The situations in the original Table Talk strips are taken primarily from actual experiences at clubs and tournaments, following Jude Goodwin and her partner Julie Smith as they navigate the world of tournament duplicate bridge as novices.

I have a drawer full of Jude’s cartoons and on bad days, when nothing seems to be going right, I open that drawer. Just looking at a few of her cartoons convinces me that the world is a pretty nice place after all.   Henry Francis, ACBL Bulletin

Jude Goodwin’s Table Talk cartoons  capture life the way it really is at the bridge table, whether you play in tournaments or with your family in the kitchen. Flip through the pages, and you’ll see familiar situations, partners and opponents. And Jude will make you laugh at yourself for taking this game so seriously ….   The Bridge World

After publication of her first book of cartoon strips, Goodwin began developing the style of her cartooning and started to produce single cell cartoons. “These were just easier for magazines and newsletters to reproduce,” Goodwin notes. Two decades after publication of  Table Talk, Goodwin gathered the single cell drawings in a new book titled Go Ahead Laugh by Master Point Press. “And because people still enjoyed the original strips, we added them into the mix to create a kind of grand Table Talk anthology,” Goodwin laughs.

The original Table Talk book is out of print, but you can purchase Go Ahead Laugh by clicking on the book cover. NEW in 2018 is our Table Talk Cartoon Store. You can find digital copies of all our cartoons and as well 2 decades of bridge book and newsletter illustrations. For a small license fee you can use these illustrations in all your marketing material.

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Table Talk Cover 1987 by Jude Goodwin

Go Ahead Laugh Cover 2009 by Jude Goodwin