The Most Unique Poker Themed Gifts and Accessories by Deckard Design

If you are looking for a remarkable gift idea for your poker companion or simply want to treat yourself to something special, you cannot miss the offer prepared by Deckard Design - the experienced company that specializes in creating unique bottle openers, monumental wall decors, keychains, decorative cards, inimitable incense holders, and tea-light stands - all with 2,5D tactile texture printed on high-quality stainless steel, aluminum, and copper. The company uses the original technological process to produce spectacular decorations and metal objects that combine incredible design with exceptional strength and durability. 

The Bridge Diary – How I knew exactly what you meant by that bid.

The Bridge Diary - How I knew exactly what you meant by that bid.

The Bridge Diary

by Jude Goodwin

Many famous people kept journals or diaries. Winston Churchill, Mark Twain, Ernest Hemingway and perhaps most famous, Leonardo Da Vinci. Journals can leave a chronicle of thoughts and agreements as well as document successes, events and help you remember important dates. The bridge player’s diary is no different.

Primarily the bridge diary, or duplicate players logbook as it is often called,


Talking Truth about Tables

Talking Truth about Card Tables
No bridge or card room is complete without a proper table. It’s more than a functional piece – it’s a functional centerpiece and sets the tone of the entire room around it. You’ve got to think about beauty, practicality, comfort and space all at the same time. Alex shares some of the coolest tables money can buy.

Everything Cards: Gifts for Xmas

Card gifts for Christmas

Everything Cards: Gifts for Xmas

By Alex J. Coyne

Gift-time is coming up, and what do you get the card player who has everything? Well, more things for their games room, of course – it’s impossible that they could have everything… Check out some gift ideas here.

Decks and Things

Magnetic Playing Cards

According to the site,


These pencils could make you sharper, calmer and more focused

Simon Lucas Bridge Supplies
You may remember in school always getting in trouble for doodling during class. It was commonly thought that doodling meant that you weren’t paying attention. But did you know that science has proven that doodling actually promotes focus and clears the mind, creating pathways for better learning?