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Alex J Coyne Bio - Gifts for Card PlayersAlex J. Coyne

Alex J. Coyne is a journalist, writer and bridge player. He’s a long-time writer for Great Bridge Links and Gifts for Card Players, and his other writing includes markets like People Magazine, Funds for Writers, Caribbean Compass, CollegeHumor, Folks Magazine, The Dollar Stretcher and a wide variety of others. Sometimes, he’s a ghostwriter, too. He also serves as one of the ambassadors for Bridge3Success, encouraging more worldwide bridge playing both online and off. When not playing with traditional decks, he has a love for trading card games.

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Lilian Sue Bio - Gifts for Card PlayersLilian Sue

Lilian Sue writes for Gifts for Card Players as a Game Board reviewer. She is a long-time freelance writer, social media strategist & publicist who has worked in marketing and communications for the last ten years. Her work has also appeared in Jeweller Magazine, Inside Vancouver, Business 2 Community, Avenue Calgary, EAT Magazine and other publications. You can find more of her work and services at her blog.



Shari Talbot Bio - Gifts for Card PlayersShari Talbot

is a freelance writer, specializing in online content, Personal Finance, and Education. When she is not writing, she homeschools her children, supports her husband, and enjoys traveling across Canada. Her website.



Lyn McNamee Bio - Gifts for Card PlayersLyn McNamee

is a writer and retired teacher who lives in New Zealand with her farmer husband, numerous sheep, ducks and one shy cat. When she’s not playing games with the family or helping on the farm, Lyn spills the beans about rural life on her blog.



Anonymous Bio - Gifts for Card PlayersAkira Larkin

is an avid gamer, board game enthusiast and seasoned DM. In his spare time he likes to make extensive listicles of all the games he’s played, with ratings, and meta, and colour coded – because he’s cool like that.



Yvonne Hanson Bio - Gifts for Card PlayersYvonne Hanson

is a blogger, photographer, landscaper and activist living in the Lower Mainland. You can follow her on Instagram here and here.