Spooky and Creepy Cards Games for your Halloween Extravaganza

Skull Rummy and other Halloween Card Games
Anyone who has ever played any kind of a card game can attest that there seems to be some sort of connection with forces beyond our comprehension. Traditionally, we call this luck. It seems that sometimes something wants us to win and sometimes it wants us to lose. It can be generous and it can be horrifying. And it is always bewildering.

My Obsession With Winning Spider Solitaire

Spider Solitaire Gifts for Card Players
I've played Klondike my entire life, with all variations of play. But it never grabbed me like Spider Solitaire has. It feels more intellectual, more challenging. It forces me into a different way of thinking about the cards.

These pencils could make you sharper, calmer and more focused

Simon Lucas Bridge Supplies
You may remember in school always getting in trouble for doodling during class. It was commonly thought that doodling meant that you weren’t paying attention. But did you know that science has proven that doodling actually promotes focus and clears the mind, creating pathways for better learning?