The Greatest Virtual PC Casinos

The greatest virtual PC Casinoos - Gifts for Card Players
You don’t always have to visit a casino to have the full casino experience. Check out our list of some of the best free, downloadable virtual casinos and casino games from the golden good old days of DOS through to PC’s and smartphones.

Ode to Solitaire

Ode to Solitaire - Gifts for Card Players
Solitaire is a peculiar cultural institution. It’s a favourite game of kids at summer camp, procrastination-happy office workers, introverts, and people all around the world. But few people know the true story of how this loner’s game came to be.

A Deck for Everything

Lovecraft Card Box - Gifts for Card Players
Breaking out a themed deck for a game of bridge, poker or blackjack can be a lot of fun, and many players turn into card collectors. Here are some of our coolest and weirdest picks for themed card decks.