Ghost of a Chance: Exploring Haunted Casinos

haunted casinos skeleton poker - Gifts for Card Players
As a horror author I’ve always loved a good, bone-chilling ghost story; that got me to thinking about the world’s haunted casinos where there might be poltergeists at the poker table, kelpies playing Keno and spirits playing slots. Here’s what we could find about the haunted casinos of the world –

The Greatest Virtual PC Casinos

The greatest virtual PC Casinoos - Gifts for Card Players
You don’t always have to visit a casino to have the full casino experience. Check out our list of some of the best free, downloadable virtual casinos and casino games from the golden good old days of DOS through to PC’s and smartphones.

Will Kickstarter and New Tech Change Playing Card Design?

Kickstarter and New Tech Change Playing Card Design - Gifts for Card Players
Through crowdfunding the public now has the power to turn proposed projects and products into reality by collectively funding them. From books to businesses, the range of active campaigns is wide indeed, but one particular category of items appears to be a favorite in the crowdfunding market: playing cards.

Top 3 International Lottery Games in the World

Biggest Lotteries in the World
Let's have a look at the 3 most reputable lottery games worldwide. These games have changed a lot of lives and have made ordinary people like you and me into millionaires.