Top 3 International Lottery Games in the World

Top 3 International Lottery Games in the World

When trying to find what the 3 best international lottery games in the world are, it is always best to rank them according to the prizes that they pay out. Let’s have a look at the 3 most reputable lottery games worldwide. These games have changed a lot of lives and have made ordinary people like you and me into millionaires.

  1. US Mega Millions

It is only to be expected that among the world’s highest paying lottery games the American ones will occupy the top spots. Their prizes are enormous due to the number of people taking part in the game. Mega Millions, for example, can be played in 44 US states or 46 US jurisdictions in total.

It will cost you only $1 to get a chance of fulfilling your dreams as that is the price for each play, and there have been lots of people enjoying the benefits of doing just that. Of those winning tickets, two really stand out.

The first was when the world record pay out of $656 million was won on three tickets, and the second one of $648 million was won on two tickets. These are the highest recorded payouts in international lottery history.

Mega Millions conducts its business by returning 50% of ticket sales to players and splits the rest of the proceeds among its large network of retailers, marketing operators and the states and jurisdictions in which it operates.

In addition, Mega Millions tickets can be bought online in many states and there is also a mobile app, called LotteryHUB, which is free and which provides videos of the Mega Millions drawings, winning numbers and all sorts of other information.

  1. US Powerball

The powerball is America’s second largest lottery, trailing only a little behind Mega Millions. It is one of the most dynamic lottery games out there and its prizes are some of the biggest in the world.

US Powerball changed its rules back in 2012 by doubling the initial jackpot, making the guessing range smaller and by doubling the second prize to $2 million. This paid them dividends as the public’s interest rose dramatically and the lottery’s profile was raised even further.

The largest payout that the powerball has recorded was in 2014 when $590.5 million were paid out. This is not a freak occurrence however, as hundreds of millions of dollars are paid out on regular basis by the lottery organizer.

  1. EuroMillions

EuroMillions is an international lottery game in the truest sense of the phrase. Nine European countries take part in the game and its prizes are far superior to other European national lotteries.

The highest prize that EuroMillions paid out in its history was when in 2013 they rewarded a lucky ticket with an amazing sum of $190 million. In addition, there are also draws which the multinational lottery organizer calls ‘Superdraws’ in which the jackpot is always €100 million regardless of the pay outs in previous draws.




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