5 Entertaining Card Games That You May Consider Playing With Your Friends

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5 Entertaining Card Games That You May Consider Playing With Your Friends


Nothing beats a weekend bond with your friends. When you are at home, and your closest friends come over, you may spice up the day by suggesting some fun games to play while enjoying the snacks or drinks. It would also be more advantageous and favourable if you have a deck of cards in your place as there are many entertaining card games that you may consider playing. Want to know what these card games are? Here is a shortlist:



If you want to have a fun time like betting the weekend horse races, you may consider playing the horserace card game. This drinking card game involves three or more players correctly betting on which ace called “horse” from each suit will complete the course first.


In playing this card game, you will have to choose among your friends who will be your “announcer.” The announcer will be the one to flip the cards throughout the game. The placement of the cards should form a tall “L.” The Aces should be the short end of the “L,” while the eight cards facing down should stand as the tall side.


The announcer will take hold of the remaining deck of cards. They will flip the card one at a time from the top of the deck. If the flipped card matches the suit of one ace, that ace will advance one row. The ace that would advance past the final row will be the winning ace or horse.


Crazy Eights

Crazy Eights is one of the card games that you may try playing with your friends at home. You will only need to prepare a standard 52-card deck pack when playing this game. It involves two to seven players to discard one’s card on hand first. Each player in this game will be given five cards each. The remaining cards will be put in a stack facing down in the middle of your table.


To start this game, the dealer must pick a card from the stack. This card will stand as your starter, in which each of you will try to match either by suit or by denomination. If one of the players in this game does not have a card that matches the starter, they will pick cards from the stack until they get the matching one. The first player with no cards remaining on hand will be the winner of the game.


Rolling Stone

When playing the rolling stone card game, there must be at least four players. Before you start this game, you must first remove all the cards with 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 as their denomination. After removing these cards, ensure that you have the remaining 36 cards on your deck. Each player must have eight cards on hand after the dealer distributes the cards.


The player on the dealer’s left side will pick a card from their pile to play this game. This card will serve as the starter. Going clockwise, other players must try to match this card according to its suit. If one player does not have a matching card, they would have to pick all the cards played and add them to their hand. They must begin a new round by picking another card on their pile to serve as the new starter.


If all the players follow suit and the play gets back to the original player, the one with the highest card played would be the next player to pick a new starter. The first player to discard or get rid of all their cards on their hand first wins this game.



Hearts is another card game that you may consider playing at home with your friends. This card game involves four players playing individually to have the lowest score. The players in this game must have 13 cards each after the dealer deals the deck. The ace is regarded as the highest card in this game, while the 2 is the lowest.


In playing this game, the player with the 2 of clubs card will take the lead. The other players must follow suit, discarding a clubs card from their hand. If a player does not have a clubs card, they may choose to discard any cards on their pile. The player with the highest card played in this game will be the next to lead.


When all the cards have been discarded, each player must count their hearts and Queens to determine the score. Each heart counts as one point, while each Queen counts as 13 points. The one with the lowest score wins the game.


Old Maid

To play the Old Maid game card, you will need a standard 52-card pack, with one of the Queen of clubs subtracted to serve as the Old Maid. The 51 cards left must be shuffled and distributed to each player. When the players receive their cards, they may start making many pairs from their pile and place them on the table face-up.


When all the players are done discarding all the pairs of cards in their pile, they may now start fanning out their remaining cards and allow the players on their left to take one. When a pair is formed after drawing a card from the opponent, they must also discard this pair. The game continues to roll in this manner until one player is left holding the Old Maid. The player holding the Old Maid loses.


Playing card games is a fun and entertaining thing to do, especially if you are playing with your closest friends and relatives. When deciding which game to play, you may consider any of the mentioned card games above. They are all easy yet enjoyable to play.


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