7 Important Questions For Choosing An Online Casino

by Alex J. Coyne © Gifts for Card Players

If you’re looking for an online casino website, there are thousands of options out there, but beware, the internet has many scams, charlatans, and sharks to be found.

The best online casinos are registered, legitimate, and offer what their Terms Of Service states. Real casino websites provide customer feedback, and pay-out to their users. Scam casino websites can have rigged odds, refuse payouts, and don’t provide feedback.

How can users distinguish between legitimate online casino websites or blacklisted casinos and scams? 

We took a closer look at some of the most important questions to ask when you’re choosing an online casino.

1. Blacklisted Or Not?

A blacklisted casino is a betting operator or gambling site that has broken the rules once too many. If an operator acts illegally or gets a flood of bad reviews, they could be added to a blacklist.

Blacklisted websites are the riskiest places to gamble.

Avoid them first.

Check Casino.org and GamblingSites.org for suggestions.

2. Is It A Registered Online Casino/Gambling Operator?

Bookmakers, betting websites, and online casinos are subject to legal requirements. One is the need to be registered with a larger gambling or gaming commission.

Unregistered websites are guaranteed to be a scam.

IAGR.org has a list of international gaming regulators. Users can also call their local operator, such as the UK Gambling Commission or the National Gambling Board (ZAR).

3. Is This Website The Original Domain?

Could you spot the difference between two similar domain names? Always be sure that you’re at the correct website. 

Misspellings and website duplication is behind many sites that appear legitimate, but lead somewhere else. It’s a popular banking scam, but it can also affect many casino sites.

4. Where Are They Registered?

Basic website registration info can be verified through WHOIS networks.

If you suspect a duplicated website or scam, search their domain details. Here, you’ll see their registered location – and if it doesn’t match up with what the casino claims, it’s a sure scam.

5. Where Are Their Terms & Conditions?

Accepted Terms & Conditions are as good as signing a contract. Users should never skip over these terms – especially not when it comes to websites that ask for their personal information or money.

Elements like hidden costs, claimed payout terms, and other important details will be stated here. Always read them.

6. Do They Pay Out?

Legitimate online casino websites will pay out any deposited money or wins. Scams will claim to, but most often disappear with any funds that are put into the system.

This is one of the most important questions to ask before handing over money to an online gambling operator.

Reviews can reveal the nature of their payouts. If a casino has too many unhappy customers that say they couldn’t access their funds, you should steer clear of the site.

7. Do They Respond To Feedback?

Once you think you’ve found a good online casino, send their customer support team an e-mail. How soon do they respond?

If they don’t get back to feedback from users, it’s a bad sign, even if the casino shows up as a registered, legitimate one. Avoid.


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