Everything Cards: Gifts for Xmas

Everything Cards: Gifts for Xmas

By Alex J. Coyne

Gift-time is coming up, and what do you get the card player who has everything? Well, more things for their games room, of course – it’s impossible that they could have everything… Check out some gift ideas here.

Decks and Things

Magnetic Playing Cards

According to the site, Magneting Playing Cards have been in production since 1963. The set comes with playing cards (made from thin sheet metal) and, of course, a board to stick them to. There’s also a foldable version that folds into a 10”x10” square box. Great for when the wind keeps interrupting your game!

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Conjuring Arts Luxury Cards

Check out these ‘luxury’ playing cards from Conjuring Arts – foil stamped backs, and some really unique designs. Some of the deck options available are Liars & Thieves, Regal, NOC, Encarded, Expert Signature and Zen.

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A Deck of Miniature Playing Cards

Miniature playing cards will never go out of style, so check out this official pack from Bicycle.

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Zippo Gift Set (Lighter & Playing Cards)

This Zippo branded gift set contains a classic playing card Zippo and a white, matte lighter. Of course, if you go digging online – especially through sites like eBay and Amazon – you’ll find all sorts of variations, including vintage sets and separate lighters.

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Customized Playing Cards

MPC.com offers customized playing cards printed on-demand. You can have pretty much anything from favourite slasher movie horror scenes to family photos or custom drawings stuck on a deck of cards. What’s cooler than that?

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Playing Card Magnets

Discuss card hands or send secret messages around the house with this set of playing card magnets – comes with a full set of cards, plus jokers and a blank card.

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Rare Decks

RarePlayingCards.com is just one of many great places to find rare or vintage playing card decks for that special card player in your life this Xmas.

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More Stuff

Ace of Spades Themed Pillows


Ace of Spades-themed pillows are great for the couch in the card room – or, you know, metal fans.

Electronic Card Shuffler


For those who love gadgets, play regular tournament games or have arthritis – yes, it’s useful!

Playing Card Boxes


Protect valuable decks with some of these playing card boxes, also from MPC.com.

Card Flicks


Spending some time indoors this year? Check out our list of Great Card Films.

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