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Golden Reels Casino Honest Review

The widespread appeal of slot machines is well-known to all online casino enthusiasts, a fact that hardly needs reiteration. In Australia, including at Golden Reels, a majority of gaming platforms feature collections where pokies constitute over 80% of the offerings.

Our experts believe that the true charm of slot machines lies in their dynamic nature and straightforward gameplay, enabling even novices to swiftly grasp the basics and begin their journey in gambling. In the subsequent sections, our site’s specialists will provide a comprehensive guide on selecting the right game, exploring different variations, and outlining strategies for winning.

Choose a Game at Golden Reels Wisely

In online casinos, all games are based on a random number generator, and very little depends on the player. But it is not only the lucky people who win; there are additional tools of influence. Experts from our platform have labeled the right game choice as the most essential condition for the rapid development of a gambling career. In the massive catalog of Golden Reels you will find over 1,000 entertainment variants. Read the description of each favorite game and evaluate the stated RTP. Choose only at 95% and above. This will allow you to win even with frequent play in the long term.

Having determined what you will play, you should build a winning strategy. Our site team advises you to look at the names of the best players and search for tutorials from them. By adopting the experience of professionals, you will learn to think in the right direction and reach the heights.


It is simply impossible to imagine online gambling without pokies. The assortment of any casino for 4/5 part or more consists of slot machines. Such a format is great for beginners because to play, you need to make a bet and spin the drum. And regular customers can pass the time in pokies and earn quick money.

In the catalog of Golden Reel Casino, you can find both classic variations of slots and their analogs with 5 and 6-reels. Such games offer intuitive gameplay and delight with references to popular movies. The experts of our platform suggest trying the slots from the list below:

  • Loony Blox
  • Lucky Fortune Cat
  • Hey Sushi


Becoming a winner in Blackjack is easy; our experts will help you learn all the subtleties. The game requires all participants to study the rules for at least 15 minutes. The primary condition of victory: you must collect 9 points. Cards correspond to the values written on them, but starting from 10 and above, they are equal to zero. Ace gives you 1 point. You need to use 2 cards to put together a suitable combination.

Take the time to look for a ready-made strategy for playing Blackjack. You will be fine with classic solutions from the Internet, but with time, you can form your plan altogether. Start conquering Blackjack with these variations of it:

  • European Blackjack
  • American Blackjack
  • Blackjack 5


Some online casino customers need to relax and rely entirely on luck. The perfect way to entertain them will be Craps. The game comes down to a straightforward action: rolling the dice. The game takes place in seconds, and you can almost instantly see the result of your actions.

Only the incredibly lucky or cunning will be able to capitalize on Craps. The second category should understand the intricacies of the game’s rules and what types of bets are available. We should start with the most popular variations of Craps available at Golden Reels:

  • Craps Betsoft
  • Craps Sheriff Gaming
  • Vegas Craps

Know What You are Doing

At Golden Reels and similar trusted online casinos in Australia, all games determine the winner randomly. The mechanism is configured clearly under the stated RTP indicators. However, contrary to this, some users consistently withdraw “round sums” from their virtual accounts. One of the key ways to “crack” this system is using strategies. 

Our team notes the Martingale system, the Pyramid principle, and the Parlay strategy. None of these options does not give an explicit guarantee but allows you to tip the scales in your favor slightly. For example, according to the Martingale strategy, each of your losses should motivate you to increase the next bet by 2 times. The Parlay system works in a mirror image. Pyramid means gradually increasing the size of bets regardless of the result of the games. Specialists on our site advise you to test each approach in your favorite games and draw conclusions, referring to their statistics.

Play for Free Before You Play for Real Money

The online gambling format gave people additional comfort when playing and a rich selection of games and bonuses. The demo mode deserves special attention. This option serves as a springboard for developing gaming skills and working out strategies. In Golden Reels, all games have a free version. You only need to register and click on the icon in the catalog.

Our specialists assure you you will not feel any significant difference between free and fight modes. But there is a considerable advantage – you can not lose money. Accordingly, the chance to win something is also absent. Demo mode allows you to feel the game mechanics and make a plan to win. Every new experience should start precisely with the free format; it will increase the overall profitability of your game. In the long run, you will save thousands of dollars of your own money.

Choose a Reliable Casino

You can be incredibly detailed in the intricacies of the gameplay, but without confidence in the chosen platform, none of this will help. Our team urges every reader of this article to delve into the criteria for determining an honest and safe platform:

  • Review for a license and whether this document applies to your country of residence. Most gambling houses in Australia are under the jurisdiction of Curaçao.
  • Take time to read reviews on your target platform. Several similar opinions from reputable authors can be considered a good sign.
  • Read casino reviews on thematic forums on the Internet. Pay attention to negative comments and their ratio to positive ones. Problems with the withdrawal of funds or difficulty activating bonuses, a reason to leave the site.
  • Check the availability of certificates from companies – auditors^ eCOGRA, TST, BMM, and others. Such organizations guarantee the honesty of the random number generator.

According to the experts on our site, Golden Reels meets each of the criteria. You can safely proceed to registration and play for real money at this online casino.

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