How has digitization been transforming card games lately?

How has digitization been transforming card games lately?

Playing cards is centuries and even millennia-long human entertainment. Some researchers trace the first form of card play to ancient China. However, the real boom of the card games came in the last century or two with the emergence of wildly popular games like Poker, Blackjack, rummy and UNO. Those card games reached global popularity and attracted millions of fans.

On top of classic card games, you can find new modern variants like Pokemon, currently popular Heartstone, and legendary Magic the Gathering.

What has changed with digitalization?

Since personal computers became common in households, card games got a new life. It started with Microsoft, including Solitaire and Poker in its revolutionary operating system’s basic package and has progressed quickly with its appearance on online casinos.

iGaming is one example of a category of websites that offer countless card games. For example, if you visit an online casino in PA, you can play poker or Blackjack in all their numerous variants. Usually, card games are not the only kind of games in the catalog of online casino platforms – there could also be slot games and classics like Roulette.

Benefits of digitized card gaming

Convenience is the most glaring advantage of online gaming. You can now play poker against other players from the comfort of your home. There is no need to get out of pajamas to play Blackjack with a live dealer. You can find a game at almost any moment and anywhere with a data connection to the Internet.

Playing card games in the past had a vital social element, and you could hang out with friends and play long into the night. Digitalization didn’t have the answer for the social aspect of card games, but the development of technology and broadband internet changed everything. With a mobile phone in your hand and a fast connection, you can stream live rooms and play against human opponents without making complicated previous deals or arrangements.

New tech for improved gameplay

High-end graphics and seamless mobile gameplay are the two biggest strong sides of digitized card game experience. Aside from better graphic presentation and less lag when communicating with game servers, another tech innovation is waiting in the pipeline. 

Virtual Reality is a maturing technology that has been around the iGaming sector for years. Some land-based casinos in Las Vegas already offer VR experience, and a limited number of online casinos have that option. 

What about other card games?

Magic the Gathering started as a dungeons & dragons type card collectable game and evolved into a video game. Pokemon cards are derived from the massively popular video game, and now rare Pokemon cards can reach millions of dollars. Heartstone is currently the most popular video card game, and unlike games in online casinos, you need to buy, install and have more resources to play the game. 

Whether you like classic card games in online casinos or more complex games that require more resources, digitization changed the landscape. It moved users and card games closer, and you can play the games from anywhere with only client devices like mobile phones and internet connections. 

Companies that offer card games online use other benefits of modern technology like Big Data to analyze gameplay and present the games fine-tuned to the customer’s needs.


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