How to play Poker if you live in Pennsylvania?

How to play Poker if you live in Pennsylvania?

So you live in Pennsylvania and want to play poker. Maybe your friend group isn’t into the game, or maybe they just aren’t much of a challenge for you. Whatever the case, you may find yourself seeking out new ways to play against other people. A casino is naturally the place to find a consistent poker table, but have you thought about an online casino?

Online casinos are a rapidly-transforming business. The services they offer are expanding to the point where you can get the full thrill of gambling from your home no matter what your game of choice is. Slots are a given seeing as they are already based in technology, but recent advancements allow for live card games over the internet. Yes, you can play poker with a legitimate live dealer using your PC, tablet, or phone!

Using an online casino platform is the fastest and easiest way to hop into a poker game. Here’s how you can sign up with DraftKings Casino in Pennsylvania to start your poker adventure.

Make A DraftKings Account

The first step, obviously, is to make an account. Go to the DraftKings website or download the casino app on your phone. You’ll need to provide the standard options for account creation for an online game, as well as a few extra steps for security. So stuff like your name, address, last four digits of your Social Security number, and maybe a picture of your photo ID if prompted. You’ll also need to let DraftKings access your location settings, as you cannot legally gamble in the Pennsylvania market if you’re not in Pennsylvania.

From there you’ll need to deposit some money into your DraftKings account in order to have something to bet with. DraftKings takes major cards as well as electronic wallets like PayPal.

Play Poker!

Once your account is verified and funds are transferred, you’re just a few clicks (or taps) away from poker. Just find the option in the menu and join a game. If you want to play a camera game with a live dealer, you might want to use your computer instead of your phone so you can see more. It also helps with the internet – DraftKings offers strong service, but you want to make sure your connection is solid too.

Poker Tips

Now that the “how to play” part is over, let’s go over how to play. Here are a few basic tricks you can work on to play better and use the cards you have to your advantage.

Get Aggressive When The Cards Are Good

This might seem obvious, but it is crucial to play fast and bet well when you hold a strong hand. Doing this early can establish you as a strong contender at the table, which can cause others to play based on what you’re doing and mess up their game. Controlling the flow of the table is huge, as it gives you the confidence to make decisions on your own time while your opponents are flustered.

Bluff Only When You Have Potential To Win

Just as you should be aggressive with your great hands, you should fold quickly on terrible hands. Don’t try to play like a movie and bluff a nothing hand into a surprise win. That’s the common lie about bluffing: that it is a lie. Sure, you could be so charismatic that you could sell someone a bridge, but why take the risk? Bluffing is better when it’s a half-truth and not a full lie.

You should save your bluffs for when your hand is decent but missing that one thing that could make it a winner. If you think you can reasonably get that one thing in the next round, you can bluff to stall. That’s the true purpose of bluffing. Keep the game going until you get what you need to win. Maybe you get that perfect card or maybe your opponents fold. Sure you could lose, but the longer you keep the game going, the more time you give opponents a reason to fear what you hold in your hand.


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