How to Recreate the World Series of Poker in Your Own Home

How to Recreate the World Series of Poker in Your Own Home

With the World Series of Poker just around the corner in May, it’s the time of year that even the most casual of poker players begins to feel the buzz of the greatest card game in the world. That also means that it’s the perfect opportunity to recreate the top tables at the Rio All-Suite Hotel in Las Vegas in your own home, and invite all your friends round for an exhilarating tournament. But how can you recreate the glamourous settings found in Nevada in the best possible way? Here are some suggestions on what you need and how to best prepare.


Creating a realistic and comparable ambience to the WSOP is of the utmost importance. This is where all the poker gifts and products you have accumulated over the years will come in handy. The oval-shaped felt-skinned poker table with the drinks holders and square outlines for placing the cards is imperative. How about going for a red felt poker table with a dark wooden race-track as shown in this video ? When you and your friends place your cards face down on the table you want to imagine that a camera is picking up your hand and commentators are working out your chances of winning, so it is worth buying a top product. An electronic card shuffler would also come in handy, along with a stylish set of chips. The Monte Carlo 14 Gram Poker chips are thought by some to be the best that money can buy.

You can find the cards, the tables and the chips on our Supplies for Card Players website.


Even though it should be mainly about socializing and having fun, it wouldn’t hurt to actually win the tournament would it? Before inviting your wannabe card shark friends round it wouldn’t be a bad idea to sharpen your game first. The best way to do this would be to watch video tutorials (sample here) and play online, where there are thousands of tournaments going on all through the day. If you’re new to the online scene, using sites like Casino UK to search for the best offers and promotions can give you a great kick-start to your online poker journey. Once you’ve found a site that you want to use, just enter some low-stakes games or play for free until you are confident enough that you can defeat your mates.


Finally, to complete this recreation of the pinnacle poker tournament, you and your mates need to look the part. Poker players are renowned for their unique and sometimes outrageous choices of attire. Players like Vanessa Rousso like to wear oversized headphones, Marcel Luske (see video above) rocks a pair of upside down sunglasses, and former wrestler Son of Santo wears his old wrestling mask. This is your opportunity to dress in a way that you normally wouldn’t, so enjoy going overboard with wacky shirts and quirky disguises.

These ideas should put you on the path to having the world’s greatest poker tournament in your own home. But if you really want to go all out, how about hiring some staff to deal the cards and serve drinks, as well as a couple of commentators to report on the action?

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