Top 6 Places to Play Poker in Dublin

Top 6 Places to Play Poker in Dublin

Dublin is far from being the poker capital of the world. If you expect to see the pompous casinos (here we have best guides about them) like in Vegas there, forget about it.

What you can find is cosy poker rooms that give you another type of chic. They’re not huge and shiny, they’re elegant and filled with cigar smoke. That is if you choose the smoking room desk.

Here are the six places to play poker at.

D1 Casino Club

D1 may not be situated in the best part of town, but for the poker enthusiasts, it’s worth it. The casino opens at 1 pm and works till whenever the last customer stops playing.

It has a smoking area, serves snacks, and lets you in for free. What is the best part about taking a trip out of the city centre? You don’t have to buy chips to play poker, you can do it with cash. If you love it done the old fashioned way, this is the place to go.

78 Club Casino

78 Club is located on 78 Augnier Street, just a short walk from St. Patricks Cathedral. It’s right in the centre of the city, and you can access it anytime you want.

78 Club works all around the clock, but the time you want to go there is on the weekend. They devote the ground floor to poker, and the place will be crowded from poker enthusiasts.

When you do decide to gamble, take your ID, and don’t dress in a tracksuit. Even though it’s not directly forbidden, this is considered a bad taste in most casinos. You get a bit of chips for free when you fill in the registration form at the desk.

Amusement City

Amusement City is easily one of the largest Dublin casinos. It’s nothing in comparison with some of the Vegas ventures, but for this city, it’s quite big.

It’s situated in a historical building a couple of minutes away from the O’Connell Bridge. While its main focus is the video slots, it has 12 table games tables, 9 of them being devoted to poker.

The only drawback this old casino may have is the lack of alcoholic drinks. But you can always quench your thirst in the pub across the street.

The Penthouse Casino & Card Club

This casino is half an hour’s ride from Dublin, in the Airside Retail Park. The building itself doesn’t fit the standard look of an old Dublin casino. It’s a modern construction that looks nothing but weird.

But you’re not here to admire the architecture, are you? This casino opens at 6 pm and works for 12 hours straight. It has 13 tables that you can play poker at. It is one of the largest casinos in the city, so it attracts a lot of players for you to play with.

Westbury Club

Westbury Club is another casino outside of Dublin. It’s an hour’s ride away from the city, and it sits on the seaside.

Why would you spend an hour driving away from Dublin? The answer is simple, this casino hosts tournaments with prize pools that range from 300 to 3000 GBP. That’s quite a sum to win if you’re any good at the poker table. It attracts great players as well.

Voodoo Card Club

Voodoo Card Club is situated right in the centre of Dublin, on the riverside next to the Millennial Bridge. It’s a small venue dedicated solely to card gambling. You can find true poker aficionados here, win, and hone your craft. No slot machines in sight.

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