Understanding Know Your Customer Process at Online Gambling Sites

Understanding Know Your Customer Process at Online Gambling Sites

As a customer it’s important to find out what the “Know Your Customer” procedures are online so that you’ll know exactly what to expect. As a gambler you must fulfil these requirements so that the casinos know that you are who you say you are to prevent money laundering from occurring.

KYC policies have been put into place so that casinos can do their own due diligence to make sure all customers are not money laundering, aren’t problem gamblers and are of legal age. It’s a policy that has been set up to protect financial institutions, online gambling sites and the individuals that use them. Gambling commissions have set up these policies while governments are there to enforce them.

Verification Procedures

When you make the decision to sign up at a gambling site such as an online casino there are some things you have to do first before you’ll be given the green light to play. The first thing you’ll need to supply is an identification card that includes a photograph of you on it. This may be a driver’s license or passport or another piece of ID with your photo on it. Usually the website requires an ID that has been issued by the government. This ID must be valid and must not have already expired or it will automatically be rejected. The ID that you send in will be in the form of a picture and it must be clear and readable. Both the front and the back must be photographed.

You’ll also have to send in proof of where you are currently living. This may include billing documents that show both your name and your address on them. Examples of bills that may be accepted include a bank statement, utility bill etc. Mail that you would regularly receive like circulars will not be accepted.

The casino or other gambling site will then use a special Address Verification System (AVS), which compares the address on your photo ID with the address on your bank or credit card information. This ensures that you are showing the right information and are the owner of the card that will be used to fund your bets. The proof of address also shows the site that you reside in an area where the casino can provide you with the opportunity to gamble legally.

You’ll need to provide payment information at many casinos as well. They may ask for your latest bank statements or pay slips. The reason that you are being asked for this information is to verify that you have the means to pay – especially if you start betting a lot of money on the site. They may also want to see that you legally obtained the money you’re spending on gambling and aren’t making an attempt at money laundering. Casinos have to follow strict regulations to ensure that the funds they receive won’t harm the individual if they lose and that the funding for the gambling was obtained legitimately.

No ID Casino Verification

There are many individuals that do not want to send in all of their personal details online and this is totally understandable. After all, you are sending in your personal identity information to people at the other end that you don’t know. If this applies to you, look for no ID casino verification websites where you don’t have to send in any documents at all.

The verification will take place in a different way with information gathered about you from public online sources. You don’t have to worry about giving away any details that you don’t want seen by others. These casinos are legitimate and you can feel safe and secure about doing your gambling at them. You’ll be able to apply to become a casino member and will be able to start playing your games faster than you would be able to if you had to send in all of your documentation.

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