13 Curious Card Apps

13 Curious Card Apps

by Alex J. Coyne © 2016 Gifts for Card Players

It turns out there’s literally an app for everything. Check out some of the weirdest card apps we could find, from a Yu-Gi-Oh! card maker to something that requires a headset to read your brainwaves …

Bicycle Cards: How to Play

This one was developed by the United States Playing Card Co. – thus, Bicycle Cards. It’s an absolutely must-have app for any amateur or serious card player, and it offers you a dictionary of the rules for more than 75 different card games. Just type in what you need and it’s right there.

Galaxy Tarot

Developed by Galaxy Tone Software, Galaxy Tarot is a little more than your average tarot app: They also offer a full dictionary of tarot cards and their associations and meanings.

Playing Cards Keyboard Theme

If you wish you could stare at a deck of cards even when you’re not, this app changes your keyboard to a playing card-themed one. (Apparently this works on the GO Keyboard app, so you’ll likely be directed to download that first.)

Poker Joker Theme

Who wouldn’t want their phone to look like a flaming deck o’cards?

Snap Challenge

If reflex-based games are your thing, check out Snap Challenge and challenge your friends! Who’s quicker on the draw?

Just Cards

Tap, and it selects a random card from the virtual deck. The description is gold: Going to a cottage and forgot some cards? Just Cards. At the beach and your best friends girlfriend forgot the cards? Just Cards. Bedridden in the hospital due to a broken leg and the mean nurse won’t give you a deck? BAM! Just Cards!

Memorize Deck of Cards

This one’s great for working on your memory, or just killing time when you don’t have a deck of cards around. Can you memorize a deck of cards? How about two?


Well, this is…really weird. For use with NeuroSky’s Mindwave Mobile EEG headset, it uses your brain waves – no kidding! – to reveal the hidden cards. Focus, and you’ll get through the deck before the end of the time limit. Check it out if you love gadgets or, y’know, might have one of those things lying around, because who doesn’t?

Easy Card Tricks

Want to see what else your deck of cards can do? Check out Easy Card Tricks and learn some new skills with your deck.

Trading Card Games


Developed by flaregames, Evoker puts you right in the middle of a massive multiplayer card universe. Win cards from other players, participate in tournaments and boost your character’s skills, much like you would in any other MMORPG.

Magic 15 (android)  Magic Duels (Apple)

Magic the Gathering is one of the world’s most popular trading card games. But it’s also complicated. An app can help

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Generation

Yu-Gi-Oh! is one of the most popular TCG’s out there, and here’s the official dueling app from Konami.


Created by a fan, here’s your dictionary of Yu-Gi-Oh! cards for constructing and assembling the best deck for battle. Use with Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Generation, or break all your old decks out of the cupboard and start putting them together.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Maker

Ever look at a friend or pet and think, “Wow, they should be on a card!” No? Well, this app still allows users to make a customized Yu-Gi-Oh! card for impressing or horrifying friends. (If you really want to freak them out, take your constructed card to a copy-shop and insist that Catdogmonsterzilla really is a Yu-Gi-Oh! card, and you’ve got one to prove it!

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