Card Game Etiquette for Beginners

Good Etiquette when Playing Card Games

Just like any game, card games all involve some kind of etiquette, and whether it’s your first time playing or you’re a seasoned professional, you ought to take the time to do your research and know what you should and shouldn’t do. 

Some things are obvious, and others are sightly more obscure. But either way, we’re going to let you in on the secret to what you should and shouldn’t do while playing card games so that you can look like you know exactly what you’re doing the next time you play.

Here are a few of the most important things to know when playing a card game.

Know the Rules

It may seem obvious, but knowing the rules of the game you’re playing is just good manners and shows respect to the people you’re playing with. Be sure to double check with the table to make sure everyone understands the same rules. That way, you won’t have to keep stopping the game to figure out what’s going on and the flow of the game will be maintained. 

Pay Attention

Continuing on the tangent of keeping the flow going, it’s really important that you pay attention to what’s going on. There’s nothing more annoying than having a player repeatedly ask “Whose turn  is it?” or “Oh, is it my turn?” Try not to get distracted – whether it’s chatting to your mate or fiddling on your phone – as it can hinder the progress of the game. Try not to ruin or disrupt the experience for everyone else!

Follow the Rules

Nobody likes the person that tries to bend the rules – never mind breaking them completely! Make sure you establish the rules before you begin, even if it just means clarifying the house rules, and stick to whatever you all agree to. Don’t cheat and make sure you don’t do anything that’s unfair. It’s only fun as long as everybody is committed to maintaining the integrity of the game. 

Be a Good Loser and a Good Winner

Whether you come out on top like you’ve just hit the jackpot playing pokies online or you walk away empty handed, make sure you have a good attitude. There’s nothing worse than somebody who doesn’t know how to accept a loss, or somebody who is completely over the top about winning. Don’t be obnoxious and don’t ever belittle somebody or their abilities. Remember the reason you’re playing is to be with friends and share an enjoyable time.

Avoid Unnecessary Chatting

We’re not saying you can’t talk to anybody at all, but a card game isn’t the time to strike up a new conversation with the person sitting next to you. It distracts everybody for the game, and it’s generally considered disrespectful. Try and save it for before or after each hand!

Be Mindful of Other Players

Everybody was a beginner at some stage, so try and be mindful of this when you’re playing with someone who is new. Don’t be mean if they make a mistake and try and offer guidance when you can. Be supportive and patient so that everyone can enjoy the experience! Many card games, such as bridge, involve partnerships – your partner is your best chance to win, so treat them like gold!

Respect the Cards and/or Chips

Always be respectful of whatever you’re playing with! Don’t fold the cards and try to stack cards and chips neatly when necessary! Serve foods at your card party that won’t make your guests’ hands sticky. And if your cards get dirty, here’s a great article on how to clean them!

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