Blackjack And Other Card Games: How Cards Rule The Casinos

Blackjack And Other Card Games: How Cards Rule The Casinos

Step into any casino, anywhere, and you will find cards are the kings of the floor. There is an almost limitless multitude of games that have been invented that revolve around a simple pack of cards, and they are as varied as it’s possible to be the number of different iterations is staggering for most of us. Now, while we’re all about the complicated card games and the fun you can have with specially-created packs, we also truly love a humble pack of cards, something you can toss in your bag and take anywhere for limitless fun – they are just so versatile.

And when it comes to cards, well, casinos are pretty much built on them. They aren’t the biggest money-spinners, sure, but blackjack is the most popular casino table game in America, and you’d probably really struggle to find any casino that runs without it (though if you do, we’d love to hear about it!). We hate to say that a casino is a “house of cards,” but… well, it really is! You’ve got poker, baccarat, rummy, five-card draw, blackjack, and more – and yes, they’re all very different and have almost endless numbers of variations you can play if you get bored of the base games.

It’s no surprise, then, that cards have also conquered the world of the online casino, and indeed, even seeing pictures of cards is enough to put most of us in mind of gambling houses. Pretty much every card game you can play at a brick-and-mortar casino now has its online versions, even ones that you might think would be difficult to translate to the digital space. Did you know, for example, that you can play blackjack online, with a real, live dealer to go up against, and other live players working alongside you to outwit the casino and bag themselves a win? If not… well, now you do, and it’s one of the things that has made online casinos great!

So, let’s check out what makes blackjack such a stand-out in the world of gambling, and why it remains the king of casinos everywhere.

It’s Seriously Ancient

If you think blackjack is probably something fairly new the casinos have whipped up to intrigue customers… nope! It dates back to the 17th century, and it is thought to have come from France originally, where it was known as Vingt-et-Un (meaning twenty-one, which makes sense). The French may have come up with it, but now it’s definitely a global phenomenon, and it’s one you’ll see across the world, in casinos and betting houses everywhere, as well as saturating the entire internet. 

It’s super accessible and instantly recognizable, which means we often see it in films and TV shows – which again adds to its popularity. With relatively easy rules, it’s also proven a great option for media to portray, because viewers can follow what’s happening!

It’s A Game Of Skill

Some card games are utterly luck based and while that’s got some fun to it, it’s also kind of dull, and makes you more passive. There’s nothing you can do to improve your odds and give yourself an edge. Not so with blackjack, this is a game of skill and mathematics, and it’s very much worth learning the strategy and honing it if you’re aiming to become a pro. Sure, luck enters into it as well, but you’ve got a lot of the power yourself, which many players love!

Of course, the rules can vary depending on where you are, but on the whole, you’ll see the standard task of beating the dealer without going over 21 in total. It’s a setup that attracts poker players too, so if you’re bored with your standard fare, hop on over and try your hand at blackjack.

With clever strategy, a player can massively reduce the house’s edge and give themselves a much better chance of winning – you’ve got to be good, but it’s possible to pocket some big bucks by playing this game, which is another thing that has hugely boosted its popularity.

Enticing Tournaments

Ever wondered how casinos bring up the glamor and profile that certain games enjoy? Wonder no more: tournaments are a great way for them to do this, and blackjack tournaments are held all over the place, winning the game even more international fame and prestige than it already enjoyed. Again, there’s a lot of luck thrown in with the skill, but you can get an edge if you’re a true pro, and it’s fun to compete no matter what.

Sure, blackjack isn’t the only card game to take the spotlight in the casinos and it often has to move over for its cousin poker, but it’s certainly been a huge part of helping cards become casino kings, and it magnetizes players from all over the world, encouraging them to fall in love with its unique blend of luck and skill.

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