The Ultimate Duo: Betting Activities and Gift Ideas to Match

The Ultimate Duo: Betting Activities and Gift Ideas to Match

Having friends over for a well-planned dinner and games night is often the highlight of many people’s week. Inviting your favorite people to come share a meal and play a few games while you’re at it, is one of the best things to do. However, playing the same games over and over again can become slightly mundane, so why not switch things up by adding a level of betting to every game? You can bet on almost anything but one of the easiest ways is to use existing games that work based on chance and luck such as a sporting activity or card games such as blackjack, poker and rummy. Make a friendly games night more exciting by adding bets to each play and rewarding the winner with a fun gift.

This article aims to share a few betting activities and gifting ideas to match, to make your next friend group meet-up more exciting.

Sports Betting: A Friendly Sports Bet with a Custom Gift

Sports betting is one of the most popular forms of betting in today’s digital age. There are numerous ways to place bets nowadays and a large variety of different sports include betting channels. These platforms incorporate efficient ways of payment. Lucrative PayID betting sites that focus on sports betting have had a strong impact on the rise in sports betting popularity around the globe. Being able to partake in a bit of betting while watching your favorite sports game with a couple of friends is one of the most enjoyable after-work activities for many. So, why not make a bit of a sports betting round of gameplay the next time you have friends over?

You can do this in two ways. If the weather is miserable outside or if your group of friends’ favorite rugby team is having a big match, invite your friends over for a friendly betting match. You can set the television set up nicely and then set the betting rules: for example, for each play that a person thinks the athlete is going to make, they have to put down 5 chips. Or, for every free kick or penalty taken, each of your friends needs to place a bet on whether it will go through or not by placing down 10 tokens. You do not have to bet with real money, you can get some custom cards or tokens from a local gifting shop. Then, most importantly, with every bet there has to be a winner and a gift. A useful gift idea for this would be rewarding each winner with a custom drink holder that keeps their beverage cool – this is sure to be a crowd-pleaser and a gift they can use at the moment while watching the game with their drink.

Alternatively, if you are feeling more active, you can also play a game of rugby and place bets on which of the team of friends is going to win. Go all out, create team names and lay out a strict set of rules around bets you can make during the game. Have someone around to record each bet and who won the bet so that at the end the winner can receive, for example, a custom T-shirt that you had made with a picture of the friend group.

Card Betting: A Round for the Friends with Exciting Rewards

Another great way to place a few bets is to get a stack of cards out of the drawer. The amount of games and bets that you can place with cards is truly amazing. Get a group of friends together and place some bets when playing blackjack, poker or rummy.

For those who don’t know the rules of each of those games, create a sheet that outlines the rules and paste them on the wall, so that everyone can get into the game faster. Allow each of your friends to come up with some of the betting ideas, to make for a more inclusive experience. You do not have to bet with real money or even follow typical betting rules like using coins or tokens. You can also bet activities, for example, betting that whoever loses the next hand has to run around the kitchen counter 5 times and under 30 seconds. If they can’t do it, they have to sit out one round of the game. The other person can respond and bet something else. This makes for a new and exciting way of having a game night at home with friends.

Don’t forget the gifts. If you’re not playing for money and the reward isn’t some handy coins, then you must think of other gifts that you can give. One fun idea is to create custom cards that have the image of each friend on them, instead of the typical jack, queen or king. This can also be a fun reminder for your friend, as the next time they take out that stack of cards, they will be reminded of the fun betting night at your home. Simple but effective betting and gift ideas.

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