Most Played Mobile Games

Most Played Mobile Games


As technology has enhanced in recent years, gamers can get a fully immersive gaming experience without needing anything but their smartphone. This has helped to make gaming even more accessible to the wider community without players having to splurge on the latest gaming console or PC. While many look to playing games at a casino online to get their thrills, there is a whole range of games from strategy through to first-person shooters that are some of the most played mobile games out there. Here, we’re taking a closer look at the most popular mobile games based on player numbers. 


Candy Crush Saga

With 2730 million downloads since its launch, Candy Crush was certainly an industry-changing mobile game. While originally designed for Facebook, Candy Crush was quickly turned into a mobile game that led to scores of downloads and repeat players coming back time and time again. And the best part was that the player’s ages were so varied they covered every demographic! All players need to do is swap different candy pieces to create a match of three or more of the same. Matching multiple lines leads to powerups and more exciting mini-games in between. The game aims to complete the board and match all of the candies within a certain amount of time or a certain number of moves. This is one of the first and best freemium-type mobile games, and players can purchase special actions and additions to help them to clear the boards that they are playing. This was so popular that at one stage, the game was making almost $1 million per day just on these power-ups. 


Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is a game type known as an ‘endless runner’ mobile game. The idea behind this is for players to be graffiti artists who run through the railway and track tagging the subway and metro trains. They then need to run away from the inspector and his dog using hoverboards to ‘surf’ above the trains to evade capture. During this, you can collect additional power-ups and coins, and players must dodge obstacles and other trains to avoid being caught. Once caught or if the character gets hit by a train or obstacle, the game will end. 


PUBG Mobile

As a Battle Royale video game that grew quickly in popularity, PUBG developed a whole new look by introducing its Battlegrounds mobile adaptation. In May 2022, the game had over a billion downloads and became the fourth highest-grossing mobile game in the world. It’s also noted as the most played mobile video game ever. With other variants available including an India game, PUBG Universe and New State Mobile, the popularity of this game just keeps on growing. 


Pokémon Go 

The hugely popular Pokémon franchise stepped up its gaming to another level by introducing an element of augmented reality to our mobile devices. Using GPS, players were able to find, catch, train and battle Pokémon as if they are right in front of them. The app was a freemium design offering in-built purchases for additional items and grew from 150 species to over 700 by 2021. With over 1000 million downloads since its December 2016 release date, it certainly was a craze that took over for children and adults alike!  

Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash

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