The Most Unique Poker Themed Gifts and Accessories by Deckard Design

Royal Flush by Deckard Design

If you are looking for a remarkable gift idea for your poker companion or simply want to treat yourself to something special, you cannot miss the offer prepared by Deckard Design – the experienced company that specializes in creating unique bottle openers, monumental wall decors, keychains, decorative cards, inimitable incense holders, and tea-light stands – all with 2,5D tactile texture printed on high-quality stainless steel, aluminum, and copper. The company uses the original technological process to produce spectacular decorations and metal objects that combine incredible design with exceptional strength and durability. 

The poker-themed products are their flagship line, and it includes stainless steel bottle openers, metal wall decors, tea-light stands, and incense holders. What makes their goods one of a kind is a special tactile texture, that covers the surface of the metal.

Here is a list of things that every poker lover should have

1. Card-shaped Bottle Openers

These bottle openers are Deckard Design’s lucky strike; shortly after the launch, they turned out to be their best-selling product. What initially strikes you is their design and the tactile pattern they are covered with. Made of stainless steel, they are very durable and long-lasting. Designed to fit a pocket or a wallet, those bottle openers come in handy whenever needed. The perfect gadget for every poker night spent with friends. Find it on our Etsy>>

 2. Poker Wall Decor

If you are hosting a poker at your place, you should also consider buying some good-looking decorations. This poker-related wall decor made by Deckard Design is what every man cave needs. The classic combination of black texture and the poker graphic look elegant and luxurious. Moreover, to reduce the weight, the manufacturer used a high-quality aluminum plate that can be easily hung on the wall. Just like in the case of bottle openers, it is covered with a special 2.5D texture that enhances the visual value of the decor and turns it into a talking point of every meeting. The decor is available in two size versions. Find it on our Etsy>>

3. Poker Tea-light Stand

If you are an enthusiast of really sophisticated accessories, this one is for you. Little candles can improve the atmosphere of every meeting, even a poker night. Made of solid stainless steel, this tea-light holder stands still whether it is placed indoors or outside i.e. on the table in the garden. Its beautiful design and flawless execution make it a real eye catcher. Find it on our Etsy>>


4. Poker Incense Holder

The atmosphere became a bit too dense during the game and everyone needs to chill? Maybe it is high time to burn some incense. To do that, you will need a good-looking solid incense burner. If you still don’t have one, you should take a look at what Deckard has prepared for this occasion. The classic combination of black and gold will perfectly fit the green of the poker table. Find it on our Etsy>>

What’s more?

Deckard Design does not focus solely on decorations and gadgets – the design department is constantly working on innovative projects, finding new areas of application for its technology. The latest applications include, for example, 2.5D printed components for electronic cases, metal signage, logos, nameplates, etc. 

Check out the whole range of products from Deckard Design on>>

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