17 Spectacular Tarot Decks Every Tarot Lover Should See

17 Spectacular Tarot Decks Every Tarot Lover Should See

By Alex J. Coyne © Great Bridge Links

The spectacular beauty of the tarot deck is what draws many people to develop a lifelong love for card reading, playing cards, and card art. Each deck has its own feel and individuality to it: that’s why there’s always room for just one more deck in almost every collection!

Building your collection of cool tarot card decks, or buying a gift for the favourite tarot fan in your life?

Here are 17 spectacular tarot decks every tarot lover should see.

1. The Pocket Rider-Waite Tarot

The Rider-Waite is a classic deck, and inspired thousands of subsequent decks through history. Here’s a regular-sized version, perfect for any and every tarot enthusiast. Find on Amazon here ->

Click here to read an article about the designer of the Rider-Waite tarot deck.

2. Holographic Rider-Waite Tarot

This version of the Rider-Waite has a little more flash to it than others. Each card in the deck is holographic, flashy, and you can’t help but want to check them out in different types of light just to see how they reflect. Find on Amazon here ->

3. Fournier Familiar’s Tarot

The Fournier Familiar’s Tarot is a deck inspired by animism and totem animals. It’s worth it for the beautiful art, and a fresh perspective that breaks the traditional tarot imagery in favour of its theme. Find this on Amazon here – >

4. The Naked Heart Tarot Deck

The Naked Heart Tarot represents a combination of illustrated animal imagery, mixed with images of the heart. While some might call it odd, others would say that this deck is perfect for them. That depends on you! Find this on Amazon here ->

5. Luna Somnia Tarot Deck

The Luna Somnia deck is released together with a guidebook that explains the cards. Imagery for Luna Somnia is darker, and draws heavily on lunar and planetary references for readers who prefer living closer to the stars. Find this on Amazon here ->

6. The Tarot of the Divine

The Tarot of the Divine is based upon images of worldwide folklore instead of the traditional Rider-Waite imagery. If you are a student of mythology, this might well be the perfect deck for you. Find this on Amazon here ->

7. The Vampire Tarot

The Vampire Tarot isn’t a new addition to the tarot world, but many people haven’t seen it yet. It’s a must-own tarot deck for fans of classic art, vampire folklore, or other TCG decks like Vampire: The Masquerade. Find this on Amazon here ->

8. Spiritsong Tarot

The Spiritsong Tarot is classically drawn, and mixes together gorgeous art with mythological images. Here’s another perfect deck for the mythology lover – or of course, just buy it for the art. Find this on Amazon here ->

9. White Numen: The Sacred Animal Tarot

The Sacred Animal Tarot borrows less from classic Rider-Waite, and bases its 78 cards on original animal-based art instead. A very original take, even though there are plenty of other animal-themed decks available. Find this on Amazon here ->

10. The Mystic Mondays Tarot Deck

The Mystic Mondays Tarot advertises itself as the deck for the modern mystic. Classic tarot images are all-but thrown out of the window, and designs for this deck are entirely original (though thankfully, without obscuring the meaning or the suit). Find on Amazon here ->

11. The Modern Love Tarot Deck

The Modern Love Tarot is a collection of 78 original cards that borrow on different (LGBTQ-encompassing) representations of relationships and love. Find on Amazon here ->

12. The Light Seer’s Tarot

The Light Seer’s Tarot is inspired by representations of light and positivity. For some tarot fans who prefer a deck that contrasts traditionally dark decks, this makes the ideal deck for them. Find on Amazon here ->

13. The Nightmare Before Christmas Tarot

The Nightmare Before Christmas is a classic movie: here’s an accompanying tarot deck that takes all its imagery from movie characters and scenes. Do you really need it? Well, that depends how much of a fan you’d call yourself!  Find on Amazon here ->

14. Disney Villains Tarot Deck

Disney isn’t just famous for movies where cartoon characters belt out Elton John lyrics. Here’s a tarot deck inspired by Disney villains through the years. Every Disney fan has a favourite memorable villain… What’s yours? Find on Amazon here ->

15. Supernatural Tarot Deck

Supernatural is a long-running television show that might be off the air now, but still has thousands (and thousands more) fans throughout the world. Here’s the accompanying tarot deck, ideal for real undead fans of the Supernatural canon. Find on Amazon here ->

16. Labyrinth Tarot (with Book)

Labyrinth was a classic flick starring, amongst others, David Bowie. It’s an eternal classic of weird cinema. Here’s a tarot deck and accompanying book that brings homage to the film. Find on Amazon here ->

17. The Celebrity Tarot Deck

The Celebrity Tarot is weird and celebrity-inspired, but might be perfect for the oddball tarot reader who can’t get past the tabloid pages. Archetypes are inspired by celeb images, and Rider-Waite references are rare in these strange 78 cards. Find deck on Katier’s website here ->

Looking for more Tarot Decks? You can find some lovely Tarot decks and inspiration on the beautiful Gifts for Mystics here ->

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