4 Best Games to Include At a Casino Party

4 Best Games to Include At a Casino Party

Planning a casino party can be quite an exciting activity for a host. You get to think about all the friends you’d like to invite, make food, and scour the internet for costumes to make it a themed night to remember. 

However, the key to a good casino party is having a wide selection of fun games that appeal to seasoned players and newbies alike. As you get planning underway, don’t forget to make arrangements for some of the following popular casino games.


If there’s one game you’ll see at most casino party nights, it’s blackjack. Known as ‘21’ in some circles, blackjack is a riveting table game that sees all players at a table competing against the dealer rather than each other. 

There can be many rules to learn in a game of blackjack, but you’ll likely find that most casino party attendants are already well-versed in what they are. The players simply have to beat the dealer to 21 without busting. 

If the dealer busts, which means exceeding 21 points, the players win, and money can change hands. Cards are then shuffled, and the game begins again. 


Roulette is an engaging casino game named after the French word for ‘little wheel.’  Players place bets on one number or a group of numbers and choose red or black based on an odd, even, high or low number. 

A croupier spins the wheel in one direction while setting the ball on a trajectory around the outer wheel edge in the opposite direction. When it loses momentum, it makes its way into one of the colored and numbered wheel pockets. The thrill of the game to see who wins makes this one of the most popular casino games


You won’t find too many casino parties, or casinos for that matter, without poker tables set up ready for new players to join. Poker is a game of theory, psychology, and probability, and it’s both a fun pastime and a massive multi-million-dollar tournament game. 

As it has been around since the early 19th century, new games have been developed as the decades passed. Now, players can fine-tune their talents in poker variants like stud poker, straight poker, draw poker, community card poker, and more. 

Slot Games

Many casino games require a great deal of skill, but luck is the aim of the game with slots. Known as slots, pokies, fruities, and puggy, slot machine games are a fun pastime at casinos, bars, and casino parties. 

Depending on the machine, you enter a paper ticket or money and spin the reels to engage matching symbols. Classic slot games generally have up to five paylines, while modern machines can have as many as 1,024 different paylines. 

What many people appreciate about slot games is the lack of skill required to win big. You simply need to be in the right place at the right time to potentially win a jackpot of thousands of dollars. 

The next time you start planning a casino party, or even a trip to a casino, don’t forget to include these games above on your wish list. Slots, poker, blackjack, and roulette, are all games that catch players’ attention for a variety of reasons.

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